Another Day Another Project

Yes I’m going to just drop in all casually, like it hasn’t been almost a year since I blogged last and talk about the newest project we completed. Last week I was putting away some bedding and went on a rage cleaning spree of the linen closet in the upstairs hallway. Purged sheets for beds we don’t even have anymore, seriously did we need 12 sets of twin sheets when there’s literally one twin bed in our home? No. I got everything all organized but still wasn’t happy. I’m very, if you give a mouse a cookie if you’re not aware. The wire shelves were totally bugging so I impulsively added the linen closet to the Q1 project list. Another day another project.

We started the project bright and early Sunday morning. by 7:30 AM the closet was empty and I was hard at work taking out the HORRIBLE wire shelves. (I feel a little mommy dearest anytime I think about these stupid wire shelves)

The bane of my current existence.
They gone!

The number of holes left in the wall from these stupid shelves was ridiculous. I quickly patched them up and ran down to the garage to see what sort of paint situation I could salvage. Turns out, when I painted my bedroom back in like 2019 Barry got flat paint which so isn’t the vibe for a bedroom (or any part of a house really but especially a high traffic and handprinted area) and I had several gallons of never been opened pure white. I spent about 15 minutes shaking the gallon of paint and then stirring it with my paint stick and then painted this closet with a quickness. Since it was originally painted with flat paint it SUCKED up the new paint and it took two heavy coats of paint and I worked up a good sweat.

I love the smell of fresh paint

We then set to work cutting the lumber for the shelf braces, locating studs (spoiler alert they were in weird AF places) and making sure the braces were level. Then we cut two pieces of 10″ wide boards to make up the shelves.

I got to use my Christmas present, a nail gun! It makes me so excited and a little nervous.

Some people look put together when they’re doing projects. I’m not some people.
And we moved back in!

By 1:30 pm this project was completed and I kept opening and closing the closet door to admire our handiwork. I did end up ordering another of the round handled baskets on the bottom to make it feel a little more cohesive!

The entire project cost us $160
$40 in lumber (the 10″ boards, we had bracing lumber left over from a previous project)
$80 for the 4 bigger baskets and $40 for the round handled baskets
Paint was a leftover from a failed project before

Click Here To Shop This Basket
Click Here to Shop this basket

I am very excited about the way that this closet reno turned out. It didn’t take much time but it made a huge impact. I love projects that are deeply satisfying without a TON of effort. Next up is my first project of Q2. (I seriously had to label my projects in quarters because I get overwhelmed. It’s definitely helped keep me on schedule but allows a sneaky quick project to get done as well. Another day another project.

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