Fake Moving Sucks

I’m not quite sure who I was kidding when I thought my fake moving experiment would be fun. That is definitely not the word that I would use to describe this endeavor. Turns out just like regular moving, fake moving sucks.

I will say it has been helpful to go through ev.ery.thing. in my bedroom and either box it up or donate it. I’ve found some (hopefully) valuable baseball and basketball cards, a super nostalgic engagement photo and a picture from my 5th grade year where I look scarily like Owen with long hair and of course bangs.

I’ve also purged a bunch of books, discovered that I will never need to buy a new notebook for the rest of my entire life and vacuumed under my now completely empty dresser. I’ve rearranged and moved some plants around. My monstera (Missy Elliott) is so massive and juicy. She makes me so happy. I found a really great plant stand at the Walmart for $13 that’s perfect for her.

Missy Elliott in all of her glory

With two medium and two small boxes left I feel confident that I’ll get the rest of the fake packing done tomorrow. Then I’ll deep clean the floors, scrub the baseboards and call it a day. Unpacking won’t be as bad and I’ve found some pretty cool inspo pictures for the shelves above my desk. Truly don’t think more than 25% of the things that were on there previously will make the cut.

This exercise hasn’t been exactly enjoyable it’s definitely been useful. Since we’ve lived in our home for 2 1/3 times as long as any other house we’ve had a lot of time to accumulate. This fake moving has helped rid us of excess. Just like real moving, fake moving sucks.

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