When life gives you legos

Raise your hand if stepping on an errant LEGO has caused you to curse! The past few days I’ve felt like a lego. All sharp edges and hardness. I haven’t felt like the mother and human I strive to be. Maybe it’s the full moon. Maybe it’s mercury being in retrograde. Maybe we’ve reached the […]


We are steadily knocking things off of our bucket list. One MAJOR thing that’s been on our summer lists since we first moved to Florida 4 years ago is the Fourth of July parade. We are lucky enough to ride on the Gigi’s float and it’s just the most small town fun experience. I specifically […]


Today, I went to the most glorious yoga class. It was hard. And hot. And I felt the weakness still somewhat present in my left hip. She said some things that made me grateful and aware of the potential still left in this year. She said that today is the first day of the last […]