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Happy 🖤 Day

Ever since Gabriel was a little guy, he’s gone to the cardiologist. I remember his fluffy curly hair, rounded belly and chubby legs lying there for the ekg and echo. He has a murmur and some form of aortic valve stenosis.

The first time we walked into that cardiologists office with two referrals (julian also had an innocent murmur and was discharged right after testing. I remember feeling almost guilty for bringing my chubby, healthy boys when the waiting room held kids with far more serious issues.

Like I said before, both boys had a referral. While julian was immediately discharged, Gabriel needed following. For a while it was every year. And then as he grew and his heart grew, it went to every two years. And then finally every three. Last summer was the third year and he was supposed to see his cardiologist. Or A cardiologist. Last summer, I hate to admit, I dropped the ball big time when it comes to this. It slipped my mind completely. So much so that when it was brought up at his 11 year old well child check up, I swore he’d gone to Pensacola a couple years ago.

This morning we finally had that follow up cardiologist appointment.

And honestly, we got the best news. He is discharged from cardiology. Completely. We never have to have another ekg or echo unless he starts showing symptoms. She said that his numbers improved so much from four years ago. They went from 15 to 6 and the stenosis wasn’t present. His heart is working as it should!

The appointment in Pensacola was for the littles who also had innocent murmurs and PFOs. My little heart babes.

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First day of school eve

My house is silent. The dryer just beeped letting me know my clothes are dry. The a/c is on, and I hear subtle snoring to my left.

My bedtime is 8:30 and here it is, 10 o’clock and I’m still awake with a million thoughts running through my head. My littles are anxious for the new school. They’re afraid they won’t know how to find their classrooms, or the lunch rooms, or the gym. They’re nervous for new teachers and new friends. I’m nervous for the same things plus all the motherhood nerves that plague our generation.

Please let them be the kind kids. Please let them have friends. Please let them make good choices. Please let them learn all the things. Please allow them to flourish. Please allow them to dream. Please let their personalities shine and don’t try to stifle their lights. Please love them.

As much as I, and they, crave routine, it’s always so hard to send them to a new and unfamiliar teacher. They’re going to spend so much time with them. I hope they understand Emilia’s inherent sarcasm. Sorry, she comes by it honestly. I hope they realize how to motivate Owen. He’s competitive, but not obviously so. I am so nervous to drop them off tomorrow morning but more than that, excited to pick them up from the bus stop tomorrow afternoon.

It’s the last day of summer and I’m ready, I think.

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It’s the end of the world as we know it

I mean, summer vacation is ending so, so, so soon, guys. We are trying to squeeze the last drops of summer fun before the dance classes, cross country practices, meets and more, homework, drop off/pick up routines begin. It’s going to be wild. Add to this major adjustment known as back to school, B’s annual training. So, yay me for floundering my way through week one solo! 🏆

We’ve had a summer bucket list for the past couple years and it’s been such a fun way to beat the routine.

This week we were able to cross Palizzi Art Camp off of the 2019 summer bucket list. I wanted each kiddo to find a project and figure out what tools we would need and instruct everyone on how to complete said project. It mostly worked out.

Owen chose Spider-Man candy apples for his project.
Gabe wanted to do sharpie mugs for hot cocoa. (It’s like 95°)

E wanted make tiny piggy planters from upcycled soda bottles. We had to get some supplies

Julian couldn’t choose a project but ended up facilitating a figurine making class from air dry clay, that somehow morphed into making pencil toppers using the cute pencils I got at Michael’s. They molded the clay and colored with markers or paint. My kitchen is an absolute disaster but they got it done!!

This Friday we meet the teachers and Sunday we will be tucking ourselves into bed hoping and praying for a good school year. I can’t believe how quickly the summer flew by but that’s what they say, time flies when you’re having fun. And oh boy, did we ever. (Until the beginning of this week anyway ;))

When do your babes start back to school? Do you pick out their first day outfits? Or leave it up to them? Are you a school supply addict like me?? Or is it a least loved chore?? Sound off in the comments!

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meet me at the crossroads

If this wasn’t the first thing you thought of when you read this title, are we even friends?
Y’all, I’m a for real crossroads. Almost 4 years ago I joined LuLaRoe. I loved it at first. It was exactly what I needed at the time, but stuff happened, things changed within the company, policies changed and I fell behind. It’s definitely not the market it once was, and that’s not necessarily bad, I just don’t know if it’s for me anymore.
What are some ways that you use to figure out what’s the best thing to do. Is it an actual pro/con list? Think about what it would be like if said opportunity wasn’t in your life? At this point, I think the negatives are far outweighing the positives for staying in LuLaRoe, but I just don’t know. I need to move some inventory, that’s a fact.
Join my group for slammin’ deals
Regardless of whether I continue my journey with LLR or not, this room must become a bedroom again. I no longer have the luxury of this being a wasted space. Juju needs a mancave (without a TV).
I just don’t know what to do. The whole culture of LLR has changed. The products I know and am familiar with no longer exist. I feel like if I start again it’s like brand new. Again, that’s not bad, it’s not good. It just is. Help me adult you guys!