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Remember how I tried to start exercising again. I had a good two days. Sunday, Geri and I ran a couple miles (run is a very loose interpretation of the the word) and then I started gentle yoga for the first time since surgery. It was weird and good. Weird because I was unaware of my breasts. They are numb or feelingless. I don’t know how to explain it. There were certain poses that were hard because they were there and I didn’t know. It felt so so so good to move. After yoga, I shot the kids for our Christmas cards. (ps they’re CUUUUUUUUUUTE! If you want one message me!) 
Monday morning I drove to Fort Walton Beach to pick up more chairs. I know, I have more chairs than I need. Barry agrees 100%. They were on facebook marketplace and such a good price and are AMAZING. I’m trying to decide how to change them up. I might just clean the upholstery and see how they look. Other ideas that I’m entertaining include velvet? Maybe like a rich jewel tone?? I don’t know. I just love them so so so much. Anyway, after I picked up the chairs I met up with Geri to run to tacos. (I mean it is me that I’m talking about, and she too loves the food.) We crossed 98 and were trucking along 395. Made it to the watercolor path without incident. I even spoke to the Center about my preop instructions.

And then….I fell. And I fell HARD. I split my leggings over my knee. 

It looks not terrible in this picture. I mean not great but under the pants is where the real problem is. I looked under and knew I needed to see a doctor. I sent my husband a picture of what was under the leggings and he agreed. Geri called Poppy (her dad) and he picked us up and drove us to her car. Geri drove to the clinic and it was confirmed. Stitches necessary. They cut off my leggings and washed it very well. I got my lidocaine shot and then Barry stitched me up. Barry did a great job and it’s looking so so so much better 7 days out. The sad part? I can’t work out, really. And I get my stitches out like 2 days before I go to New Orleans for my phase 2. So I’ll have like 2 days free of stitches, knock on wood. 

Speaking of phase 2. I’m leaving Wednesday morning. I have a preop appointment at 2 and 2:30. Thursday morning is my surgery. And I don’t know exactly what it’s going to entail. Reduction, symmetry and scar revision, I think. Also liposuction with fat grafting. I’m hoping to say sayonara to my love handles if we’re being honest. That’s my update.