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Let’s Talk Plants

I have always had a black thumb. Always. I remember, as a child, helping my dad in the garden and being afraid I would kill everything. I was especially thankful for carrots because once you pick them you eat them and it’s over.

As an adult I carried that label with me. I never really tried to grow anything. I just knew it was going to die with me at the helm.

We moved to Florida and there are so many gorgeous plants here that aren’t everywhere else. I also started paying attention to home decor blogs and fell in love with the organic feel of houseplants. And then I became a crazy plant lady.

I’m not claiming to have never killed a plant in my life since then. Not. At. All. In fact right now I can see two deceased plants that need to be pulled ASAP. You see? Light matters.

My biggest plant victory has been the revival of a fiddle leaf fig that was knocking on plant death’s door. Seriously healthy and gorgeous when I dropped $30 on it at Home Depot. I brought it home and it promptly lost every single leaf but two. I was left with a stick in the dirt and another stick in the dirt with two scraggly leaves on it.

My neighbors, Kristen & Allen, have the most glorious fiddle leaf fig known to man. It grazes their 10′ ceiling and is so full and lush! I asked him for some tips on how to bring my baby back to life.

So if your Fiddle Leaf Fig is feeling a little sad I’ve got a list of things that helped bring mine back from the brink of death.

First order of business:


I buy my pots at a variety of places and lust over so many from Crate and Barrel Like this! Make sure the pot is bigger than the black plastic one your fiddle leaf fig came in. For drainage, if there’s no hole at the bottom of your pot, do about 2″ of a lava rock and gravel mixture. I use a good quality organic potting soil in my pots. And then switch the bad boy.



🐸Happy Frog 🐸 is what I use. It was a game changer. I cheered and almost cried when I noticed a baby leaf on my FLF. I feed them about every 2-3 months. I should be more rigid with it or at least know exactly when it happens but I suck.


FLF need light. Direct light. They need light like I need coffee. Or tacos. Or shoes. Indirect is not enough. I’ve dried. Mine now face the West. They get a lot of afternoon sun. They like to reach towards the sun. They’ve got high hopes, what can I say.



Obviously they need water. But not too much and not too often. I water them Sunday. Some of my other plants are needier and need to be watered more often.

They’re quick growing once they’re happy. I went from literally 2 leaves on the one from Home Depot to 14 in less than a year. Probably like 6 months. I bought a replacement for the two leafer and haven’t needed it. Because of my tips and tricks I’ve only lost a single leaf on that guy. And it’s because I smashed it with the shopping cart!

Turns out my thumb may not be so black. I’m excited about the prospect of plants everywhere in my house. I want to get some ivy. And spider plants and hanging planters. I want a jungalow.

Another helpful hint that you probably already know. Wipe the leaves! I wipe mine when I water. Just a wet towel or paper towel and wipe off the dust. That’s how they eat!

this is from today!

March 27

Even since November they’ve grown!

Do you have any plant tips I didn’t mention?

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Checkin’ In

If you know me you know I don’t particularly like talking on the phone. Like please text me. My kids are savages. They erupt into a fiery ball of neediness the second I hit that accept call button. Suddenly they’re rioting in the halls. How do they KNOW??

Yesterday I received a phone call from my OBGYNs office. That’s where I received my diagnosis of my mutation. That’s where they ran the $4000 gene test. (Or I mean it was run through a lab, but that’s where it started.) So, naturally, a Million worst case scenario is start playing through my head. Something else came back on my pap. Or like I owe them $2000 for the rest of the test. Or (insert crazy improbable scenario here.)

I called her back and left a message. She called me back this morning. Turns out she was only calling to check on me. To see if I’d seen anyone re: brca1. She was surprised to find out there is such a wait to see UAB but we figured that it’s just because they had to schedule all the things on one day and in consecutive order. She seemed relieved to know I’m planning on surgery ASAP and to know I’ll have some additional screening while I’m there. She seemed like she cared. I’ve had plenty of OBGYNs in my life. Seriously 4 different docs for 4 different babies. The care I’m receiving from Emerald Coast OBGYN is phenomenal. I gotta day it was nice to have her check in and check on me.

In other news, my sister Jessica also learned that she’s brca1 positive or as I like to refer to it as a mutant. Unfortunately we will both be having surgery this year. Luckily for her she is in Puyallup and has a multitude of resources so close to her in both Tacoma and Seattle.

I am running a limited preorder on these #Mutant shirts. You can email me to get one.

Thanks for reading. Thanks for caring. And thanks for checking in.


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Come together, right now

I really and truly hope the Beatles are playing in your head right now like they are mine. That’s completely unrelated to this blog post but completely relevant to me soooo…

This weekend Barry attacked our room hard. He organized while I was at work, put together dressers to be used as nightstands, rid the room of excess and shoved all the to be folded laundry in a corner. God bless him.

It’s looking so so so good. I got an original piece of art for my birthday that I’m borderline obsessed with. I’ve never come across a piece of art that’s spoken to me like this and I was so surprised that he and my bestie Jana surprised me with it. I came home from the spa to it hanging above my bed and no lie I started to cry.

Unbeknownst to barry, I had ordered a song lyric to be hung above our bed from the song we danced to at our wedding. This weekend we rearranged the art and now the Saczynski piece is the first thing you see when you walk in, and the song lyric is going above the bed.

see, I told you the to be folded and put away laundry was in the corner. But how great is that painting?? And that mirror? I dreamt of that mirror in just that spot and it’s a perfect fit.

I still think it needs something. The nightstand is perfect and I may change the knobs to something a little chunkier but I want them black still. And the song lyric is black font and will go up whenever I get to the store for a hooker.

My brilliant friend Jenn suggested some plants on the nightstand and since I’m borderline crazy plant lady I’m taking that suggestion under advisement. I am trying really hard to be mindful of purchases in 2018 so while I loooove the planters below I want to make sure I willblove them in a week. So if I’m still thinking about them then I’ll get them.

The biggest question now, is black or white?

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Hello, 2018

I always start out with the best intentions. Blog more. Be consistent. Sling all the LuLaRoe. Keep my house clean, etc. the list goes on and on. This year I’m not planning on making any specific resolutions. This year I’m going to survive. I’m going to be healthy. Some people do a word or theme for the year and I thought that was fitting for this year. 2018 will be the year of health. Of advocating for myself. It’ll be the year that I discover how strong I am, and how loved I am.

What is your word, theme or resolution for the new year?