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Growing up, I have the fondest memories of spending weeks with my aunt Jean in Moses Lake. That’s where all of my cousins live and there are a bunch of us that are the same age, or pretty close. We would spend days picking rocks, at the aquatic center, pretending to be way cooler than we really were. I’m so grateful that my parents were able to come here and visit and to bring my nephew, Preston. Moving far from family was a choice, a sacrifice. I don’t really REGRET it but I do miss family. I miss holidays, birthdays, random Tuesday night dinners. It’s been so nice to spend Father’s Day with the man that raised me. The one that came to all of my basketball games, helped me practice my layup, took care of my people while I had surgery. I haven’t spent Father’s Day with my dad in roughly 11 years so this was a special treat.

denim on denim yo

It’s been such an incredible week with our visitors. I’m so grateful for the memories made. For the fact that my parents took time out of their lives to come spend time in ours. I’m so glad that my kids will have these childhood memories of time with their grandparents and their cousin.

We have gone on a pontoon boat, spent time at the pool, ate really terrible tacos, ate really delicious tacos, had a seafood feast (lobster for my mama!), did a puzzle and grinded on some video games. The boys are so close in age it’s been fun to have another personality to bounce between my two.
What are some of your fondest childhood memories?

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Where I’m at.

Today is supposed to be my last physical therapy appointment. I have really been challenged in PT, really struggled and felt myself getting stronger. When I’m done with that I don’t know what I’m going to do to continue strengthening. I’ve said before I used to LOVE running. I think I need to just try it again, like plug into my audio book and go for a few miles. It used to be such a great escape for me and my brain was free to be creative. I swear plot bunnies hide in my runs. I’ve set some goals for 10 years from now and they are kind of wild. They’re the kind of dreams inspired by greatness, AKA rachel hollis. One such goal is to have written and published a novel. I’ve written one, submitted it to a publishing house, and was asked to revise and resubmit. And then we moved and blah blah blah, excuse excuse excuse, I never did that. If for nothing else, I should go for a run again to feed that part of my brain that is only activated then.

Summer vacation is kicking my actual booty. Between visitors that I’ve thoroughly enjoyed having, adventures with my kids, new responsibilities at work, selling off my LuLaRoe (join my group and buy it for hella cheap!) and planning JuJu’s man-cave bedroom, I’ve been stagnant. I need to put myself first and realize and accept that it’s ok.

I have a dermatology appointment next week and I’m a bit nervous. I have had this spot on my nose for a few months. I don’t know exactly when it came, but I know it came after my facial. It won’t go away. It hasn’t changed but it does bleed if I bug it. I’m honestly terrified of skin cancer. I know I keep throwing the BRCA label around but it increases my risk of Melanoma. Like hi that shit is scary. So if this spot could either go away and or decide it’s a zit, that would be great.

Leaving you with a photo of the gulf from the condo that my parents are renting.

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Physical therapy update

You guyssss! I got to run yesterday in PT. I mean it was hella slow but I ran consistently for six whole minutes. Ok, writing that doesn’t seem as triumphant as it felt. Because, y’all, I felt triumphant AF. Laurence told me to remember with each step to lift my left foot all the way. It seems so obvious but when you do an extra jiggle with each step on your left side it’s not obvious. He also put KT tape on either side of the point and across the middle to help bring blood flow and reduce lactic acid in the area. Idk if it worked but I’m willing to try anything.

I have three more sessions of PT and then I think I’ll be released. Maybe. Hopefully. 🤞🏽

I will continue my exercises until I’m cleared and then maybe figure something else out. I do want to run again, like I really want to run the 30a 10k. Literally printing the hal higden program right now.

I’m so relieved that the point is just scar tissue. I mean, it’s not the cutest but it’s also not a hernia, seroma, ovarian cancer or anything else scary. I can deal with scar tissue.

I proudly wore my bikini every time we went to the beach last week, Point and all. Every body is a bikini body, y’all.

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My Summer Intentions

On the first day of summer vacation, one of my best friends asked me what my summer intentions were. To be honest, I definitely hadn’t even considered any intentions. I just wanted to have fun, mark things off our bucket list, and continue to enjoy my kids.

It’s a week into summer now and I realize that I need to be mindful this summer. After a seriously hellacious trip to the grocery store with all the kids, where I spent way more than I intended and lost my temper far more frequently than I wanted to I found my summer intentions.

Now, to be fair. They are B.A.S.I.C. but they are things that I need to focus on. They are things that will allow my children to have good days as well. They’re basic things that will help me be a kind human. I want to be the best version of myself. I want to be kind and generous. So, here are my intentions for the summer. Do YOU have intentions this summer? If so, sound off down below.