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Fashion Forward

I spent a week in Dallas for work. Hours were spent in different showrooms getting the sneak peek of what’s to come in spring/summer 2020 fashion for kids. It was so fun! Owen’s said he wants to be a fashion designer when he grows up so I’m very appreciative of this opportunity to see what’s coming.

Spring/Summer typically means brights, whites, swimsuits, fun patterns and 2020 has plenty of all of the above. Some of my favorite trends for S/S2020 are neons, 90s trends like mesh jackets, letterman style jackets with really dope patches. I’m here for it.

Women’s fashion is less advance, at least at this market. In March we saw fall/winter which is in store now. LOTS of warm colors, olive green is queen. Camo, snakeskin and cheetah print make up the patchwork of the season. Everything is so soft. Everything is cozy and I can’t wait for a few things I picked for Stellar.

I am currently obsessing over hats. How very bloggery of me. I ordered two hats that should do me for fall, and for like ever. I have followed this australian hat company for ages and decided to just take the plunge. Instead of buying three or four cheap target hats that lose their shape quickly, this one will last for a while, fingers crossed. The quality is so great, it came so fast, especially coming from down under! I haven’t worn it yet, but I also have struggled with the whole getting dressed thing after Dallas. I’m sure I’ll be back on my game soon enough. The winter white trend that I saw while stalking my favorite australian instagrammers had me dead set on a winter white hat.

Lack of Color Ivory Rancher special

I’ve also been following Gigi + Pip for a while. I’m a huge hat fan, and would wear hats every single day of my life were it allowed. From baseball hats to straw hats, to floppy beach hats, to these fallish hats, I’m here for it. This one feels sturdy, well made, I absolutely love their slogan, inspired by women who wear many hats. Hi, my name is Christia and I wear many hats both literally and figuratively.

Gigi + Pip Dahlia Hat

A few things on my radar for fall/winter

** denim coverall-Really, truly like a gas station employee coverall in denim. Madewell has cute ones, abercrombie has one too. I’m loving this Amazon barg. My friend Jen has this one, I think and it is so cute on her. there are some designers with one too, rag + bone’s is so relaxed and comfy looking.

** Camel colored coat- I’ve had my eye on this camel coat from gap for a while but with my winter only lasting for like 15 minutes, it feels crazy to spend $$ on a wool coat. This one from amazon is a really good price, but I don’t know if the quality is great. I am also loving this one from h&m and it’s a great price.

** final thing on my fall watch list…snakeskin booties. these are all from nordstrom. Sam Edelman. Blando. Dr. Scholls. I think they’re a cute neutral. I’m seeing them in place of my black booties with a pair of jeans and a cozy sweater. Or with my new Notorious B.I.G. shirt, cardigan and jeans, or same Notorious B.I.G. shirt and a pencil skirt. Basically anywhere I would wear the black booties I would do these snakeskin. Which of those 3 do you prefer?

I’ve never been the one stoked for fall fashions before. Growing up in the PNW we never really had a SPRING/SUMMER wardrobe. It all kind of was just one wardrobe. I don’t really remember wearing shorts growing up. Then, after living in the midwest for 7 years where there are definite seasons, I think the winter part of fall/winter kinda burned me out. Mostly because the winter part of the year lasted like 6 months sometimes. Here in NWFL we do get seasons, albeit very mild. Our fall, though, is glorious. Imagine the beach without another soul in sight. That’s our fall. It’s still warm enough to hang out by the water, to breathe in that salt air and soak up that vitamin sea, only we don’t have to fight the summer crowds for it. I have ALWAYS been a Halloween chick though. Give me everything spooky, haunted, vampirey, and ghosty. Here. For. It. I think that love for spooky has transformed into a love for all things fall, and yes, I’m including PSL on the list.

What is your favorite season? And what trend are you feeling for fall? Sound off in the comments.


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White Jeans Season

I mean, I do live in Florida. Technically, it’s white jeans season 24/7/365. However most parts of the world white jeans are synonymous with spring & summer. (But seriously is there anything chicer than winter white?? I mean, no!) I have been on the quest for the best white jeans. I asked my instagram followers, peeps on facebook, and compiled a list of the best, comfiest, least see thru white jeans there are.

Also a list of ones that I tried on that suuuuuuucked.

Holy Grail White Denim:
These are my personal faves. I love that their a higher waist. They come in different length inseams, which is super important for us long legged girls as well as my petite friends! They’re comfy, flattering and have a decent price point. These are literally the only white jeans I own that’s the only reason why they’re here at #1 on the list.

MANY, many people recommended express jeans! I’ve never tried them but I did notice that they offer 2% cash back at ebates currently and they’re currently buy one, get one for $29.80 which makes them a really good deal! I also appreciate that they too have a few inseam options, AND plus sizes. They also have the same pair of jeans on THREE different models, which is reallllllly cool!


Next up on the white denim roundup is
Old Navy
A lot of my friends with children recommended these Old Navy Rockstar jeans! Why spend lots of money when you have kids that’ll just put their dirty nutella covered hands all over you. (Just my kids orrrrr?) They’re a really great price point, but not a lot of selection size wise online. Maybe in store they have more choices for sizes but they hardly ever have different inseam lengths in store.


American Eagle Outfitters
is coming in hot next on the list. I don’t know why I forgot about AEO. They were my go to back in KC and then it’s like as soon as I moved here I forgot about them! Great price point, stores everywhere, they usually have good sales.


Some honorable mentions:
Frame Denim
Ambercrombie (3 for $99!!)

And the ones I tried that I do not under any circumstances recommend:
Target Universal Thread! They were see thru, and just all around unflattering. Even when I sized up! You know I love the targ but these were a miss!

If you have a pair of white jeans that you love that I didn’t mention, comment! If you get a pair of the ones I recommend let me know! Happy white jean season!

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Today I started listing some clothes on Poshmark. I have so many things that I’m not wearing, or that don’t fit, or just aren’t ME anymore. Also, who is ME March 11, 2019? That’s a hella good question! I can tell you physical descriptors-platinum bob, green eyes, size 9 shoe, size 29 pant. I could tell you how much I weigh but none of those things define me.

In listing these clothes I came across a photo from almost exactly 3 years ago and I truly and honestly barely recognized myself.

The craziest part is while I’m about 30 lbs lighter in this picture, I remember the same uncomfortableness that I have now. That there were parts that still needed to shrink to fit into this mold. I’m glad there are so many body positivity movements right now, that this topic is being talked about instead of ignored and swept under the rug. (Or carpet as Kyle from RHoBH would say.)

I’m learning to love and appreciate the new body I’ve been given…I gotta admit my new belly button is CUTE. I’m also trying to get into the strong mindset. To get back to the girl that worked out because she *liked* it not just because she wanted a calorie deficit. The one that could just run 6-8 miles and be cool. I don’t think I have the desire to run a half marathon ever again but a 10K would be cool.

Believe That i know that my body has been through some SHiT the past 365 days. My mental state as well. And I’m not mad at myself for gaining weight nor will I be punishing myself. I’m going to continue the #LowCarbLife That I’ve been doing for the past week, and slowly start exercising again. I guess I should put to use that treadmill and elliptical in the garage, eh??

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Budget Friendly Swim Suits

I don’t know about you but I have been STRUGGLING to find swimsuits that are both flattering and won’t break the bank! I’ve had a very successful swim suit shopping spree. I’m having a surgery that’ll pretty much change the landscape and topography of my body and I’ve gained about 15 pounds since my BRCA1 results. One part emotional eating, one part beignets and waffles and friend chicken, one part because I haven’t had the energy or mojo to continue my workout. Finding a swimsuit that I feel comfortable in, in a body I don’t feel comfortable in, has been incredibly difficult. I also can’t spend a ton of money on ONE swim suit because we are at the pool pretty much every day during summer vacation and the beach at least once a week! They get worn a lot without a lot of time in between!
My first bargain swim suit find is a 1 piece. It’s extremely trendy floral print with ruffles and a piece that I definitely wouldn’t spend a ton on. Basics are ok to splurge on, in my opinion. A suit that’ll only be on trend for a season is not.


Y’all! It is so incredibly flattering. So comfy, didn’t creep or crawl or inch.I am so incredibly pleased with this suit ESPECIALLY for UNDER $10! WHAT! I’m going to let you in on a little secret, or maybe you already know? Allie Express! Shipping takes FOREVER and customer service is non existent but the clothe are cheap and often the same suits you’ll find on cupshe or amazon but cheaper.
Here’s the link for the floral one piece I got a Large, I almost always always always size up in the clothes from Allie even if the size chart says TTS.

You can also save $$ with Ebates on AllieExpress, Walmart, Target, Amazon and SO many other online shops! If you’re not using it already, you should be!
Ebates Referral Link

Here it is on Amazon

Next up is a mix and match bikini set that I found at….
For real. Each piece was only $7.96 so I got 4 pieces for around $32. And I feel GOOD in them. Even heavier than I’d like. It was so cute. I did size up in the bottoms and got my true size in the top (mostly because my boobs are going to be smaller in like 3 months).

You can find bottoms & top in the solids! I seriously love that I can mix and match these pieces for maximum wearability!


The stripes are so eye catching and vertical stripes are so flattering. I really like the stripes the most of the two but I wanted to mix and match. The yellow/orange color is a perfect match in the stripes to the solid suit.
You can find the stripe bottoms here & stripe bikini top here. Despite the lack of structure to this top I felt like it definitely had enough support for my boobs. (and just for therecord I’m a 34DD right now…)


Have you found any swimsuits that you just love?? Share them with me!