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Who gives a flock(ed) Christmas tree?

Hi guys, it’s me. The GRINCH.

Baby Grinch lying on a blanket
baby Grinch

Ok, just joking. I’m definitely not as equally parts cute and terrifying as the baby grinch. Usually though? I have such a deep abhorrence for Christmas and the whole Christmas season. I definitely blame my years of retail and working at a credit union inside a grocery store. They had one of those select your favorite Christmas music cd (BARF, none of them) that seemed to be set to play ONLY the Chipmunks Christmas Album. Yes it was as torturous as it sounds. This year though…something’s changed. I saw the Seaside Post Office decked in its holiday best and didn’t feel a twinge or discord. In fact…it was kinda cute.

Seaside Florida Post Office Decked in Christmas Cheer
Seaside, FL Post Office

Something has happened. This year? I’m not a Grinch. I’m sort of excited to put up my tree. (also a little terrified. You see I have this wild kitten, Dumpling. I am so afraid of our cherished ornaments being ruined due to this feisty little guy.) Which brings me to my next subject: flocking

photo of a flocked christmas tree from instagram with no decorations
How gorgeous is this flocked tree? No decorations? Simply stunning
@wifeonadime you’re killing it sis

I’m thinking that if I had a flocked tree, then I wouldn’t have to do much in the way of decorating. I could just throw some lights on it, maybe some garland and call it good. Then our cherished ornaments won’t get busted. Granted, so many of our ornaments are homemade, but the sentimental value makes them priceless. A flocked tree might be ‘on trend’ which necessarily something I strive for, I really love the idea of simple this year. Next year, Dumpling won’t be quite as wild, I think. I can probably put ornaments on the tree without risk of everything getting dumped. (get it, dumped)

There are definite perks to using what we’ve already got. I splurged and got a 9′ Balsam Hill Fraser Fir (unlit) back when LuLaRoe paid my bills and gave me money to spend. It’s beautiful and fits in the corner so nicely. I would save xx by not buying another tree. We could just put our fun retro colored lights on the tree and call it good. Buuuuut I feel like it’ll look so naked. Flocked trees will shed. Regardless of how much I spend, it’s going to shower the wood tile with snow a branch moves. Especially at first. Really though, who gives a flock?

So, I guess my question is, is the allure of the flocked tree enough to convince me to spend money on another Christmas Tree? Should I get a flocked christmas tree and fulfill all my trendy christmas dreams??

Stay tuned.

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Halloween vs. Christmas

I feel like the world is divided into two categories, those that LOVE Halloween and those that LOVE Christmas. Of course there will be some overlap. Some people are equally passionate, or not, about the holidays but there are people that start listening to Christmas music in July, y’all.  JULY. It’s still boiling hot in most parts of the US. Santa is still on his much needed holiday and those elves? Well they haven’t even begun working on the hot toy for this year’s Christmas. Some people even go so far as to put their tree up before Thanksgiving and it’s just fine.

I myself live on the darkside.


The Addams family home is my dream house. Seriously, some girls want a Barbie dream house? Nope, give me that haunted one. Black is not only my favorite color, it’s the color of my soul, 97% of my wardrobe, and the way I like my coffee. It’s also my nail polish color 10 months of the year.

Last year, like any Halloween lover, we decorated at the beginning of September. Obviously, no fresh pumpkins because while I love zombies and creepy things like that, a rotting pumpkin isn’t my jam. It was also before my surgery, and y’all I was healthy. We had the house perfectly spooky and then, like all psychos, Michael came in October. I wasn’t so healthy then but Barry was activated to help with Michael and Julian, Gabriel and I had to undecorate in a hurry. I couldn’t lift ANYTHING. Those boys worked their buns off with a frazzled mama trying to do everything to evacuate. Bless them. I’m so grateful for my health and mobility this year but Michael has me still a little gun shy.

It’s currently September 26 and I have only decorated our mantle. I mean, it’s pretty cute but it’s certainly not Christia Palizzi, Halloween Lover, Buffy Obsessed, level decor. At what point is it safe to put the stuff out? I have definitely been diffusing Capri Blue Pumpkin Clove oil for the whole month, so it’s like sorta festive. (Side note, the volcano oil is SO good. I’ve been diffusing it upstairs during the day.) I think this weekend we will pull out the black and orange bins and get our spook on. Next year, however, hurricane season be damned. I’m decorating as soon as September starts.

So, tell me, are you an Addams or a Claus??