A day in the life of a mostly stay at home mom

Mom life, am I right? Exhausting, fulfilling, draining. It’s an entire laundry list of opposites and juxtapositions. I’m lucky enough to have stayed at home with my kids since Gabriel was four months old. He’s almost 12 now. I’m also the first to tell you that I am an absolutely terrible housewife. Here’s what a […]


I’m trying to be more mindful, more intentional with my time. I say try because I’m definitely, 100% a work in process. Ask me why I spent a few hours watching Married to Medicine on Bravo?? It’s one thing to do that while folding laundry or straightening and not paying complete attention. This was not […]

Happy 🖤 Day

Ever since Gabriel was a little guy, he’s gone to the cardiologist. I remember his fluffy curly hair, rounded belly and chubby legs lying there for the ekg and echo. He has a murmur and some form of aortic valve stenosis. The first time we walked into that cardiologists office with two referrals (julian also […]