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Who gives a flock(ed) Christmas tree?

Hi guys, it’s me. The GRINCH.

Baby Grinch lying on a blanket
baby Grinch

Ok, just joking. I’m definitely not as equally parts cute and terrifying as the baby grinch. Usually though? I have such a deep abhorrence for Christmas and the whole Christmas season. I definitely blame my years of retail and working at a credit union inside a grocery store. They had one of those select your favorite Christmas music cd (BARF, none of them) that seemed to be set to play ONLY the Chipmunks Christmas Album. Yes it was as torturous as it sounds. This year though…something’s changed. I saw the Seaside Post Office decked in its holiday best and didn’t feel a twinge or discord. In fact…it was kinda cute.

Seaside Florida Post Office Decked in Christmas Cheer
Seaside, FL Post Office

Something has happened. This year? I’m not a Grinch. I’m sort of excited to put up my tree. (also a little terrified. You see I have this wild kitten, Dumpling. I am so afraid of our cherished ornaments being ruined due to this feisty little guy.) Which brings me to my next subject: flocking

photo of a flocked christmas tree from instagram with no decorations
How gorgeous is this flocked tree? No decorations? Simply stunning
@wifeonadime you’re killing it sis

I’m thinking that if I had a flocked tree, then I wouldn’t have to do much in the way of decorating. I could just throw some lights on it, maybe some garland and call it good. Then our cherished ornaments won’t get busted. Granted, so many of our ornaments are homemade, but the sentimental value makes them priceless. A flocked tree might be ‘on trend’ which necessarily something I strive for, I really love the idea of simple this year. Next year, Dumpling won’t be quite as wild, I think. I can probably put ornaments on the tree without risk of everything getting dumped. (get it, dumped)

There are definite perks to using what we’ve already got. I splurged and got a 9′ Balsam Hill Fraser Fir (unlit) back when LuLaRoe paid my bills and gave me money to spend. It’s beautiful and fits in the corner so nicely. I would save xx by not buying another tree. We could just put our fun retro colored lights on the tree and call it good. Buuuuut I feel like it’ll look so naked. Flocked trees will shed. Regardless of how much I spend, it’s going to shower the wood tile with snow a branch moves. Especially at first. Really though, who gives a flock?

So, I guess my question is, is the allure of the flocked tree enough to convince me to spend money on another Christmas Tree? Should I get a flocked christmas tree and fulfill all my trendy christmas dreams??

Stay tuned.

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Halloween vs. Christmas

I feel like the world is divided into two categories, those that LOVE Halloween and those that LOVE Christmas. Of course there will be some overlap. Some people are equally passionate, or not, about the holidays but there are people that start listening to Christmas music in July, y’all.  JULY. It’s still boiling hot in most parts of the US. Santa is still on his much needed holiday and those elves? Well they haven’t even begun working on the hot toy for this year’s Christmas. Some people even go so far as to put their tree up before Thanksgiving and it’s just fine.

I myself live on the darkside.


The Addams family home is my dream house. Seriously, some girls want a Barbie dream house? Nope, give me that haunted one. Black is not only my favorite color, it’s the color of my soul, 97% of my wardrobe, and the way I like my coffee. It’s also my nail polish color 10 months of the year.

Last year, like any Halloween lover, we decorated at the beginning of September. Obviously, no fresh pumpkins because while I love zombies and creepy things like that, a rotting pumpkin isn’t my jam. It was also before my surgery, and y’all I was healthy. We had the house perfectly spooky and then, like all psychos, Michael came in October. I wasn’t so healthy then but Barry was activated to help with Michael and Julian, Gabriel and I had to undecorate in a hurry. I couldn’t lift ANYTHING. Those boys worked their buns off with a frazzled mama trying to do everything to evacuate. Bless them. I’m so grateful for my health and mobility this year but Michael has me still a little gun shy.

It’s currently September 26 and I have only decorated our mantle. I mean, it’s pretty cute but it’s certainly not Christia Palizzi, Halloween Lover, Buffy Obsessed, level decor. At what point is it safe to put the stuff out? I have definitely been diffusing Capri Blue Pumpkin Clove oil for the whole month, so it’s like sorta festive. (Side note, the volcano oil is SO good. I’ve been diffusing it upstairs during the day.) I think this weekend we will pull out the black and orange bins and get our spook on. Next year, however, hurricane season be damned. I’m decorating as soon as September starts.

So, tell me, are you an Addams or a Claus??

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Mama needs landscaping help

Happy Mother’s Day to all my mama friends, and I do mean ALL my mama friends. (I’m talking to you cat mama, dog mama, lizard mama, any form of life mama.) It’s no secret that I’m a self proclaimed crazy plant lady. I name them all, and take great pride in the fact that Hank, my fiddle leaf fig, is still kicking. My yard though. Yikes. It needs some serious help and direction. In Kansas City I had lilies, peony, and all of my favorites. Here? It’s a wasteland of pine straw scraps, shrubs planted by the builders, and my blooming glory, the jasmine that’s now overtaking the railing on my front porch. In the back of my house I have a couple lemon trees, a very miniature orange tree, fig tree that’s go so many leaves this spring and a magnolia tree that a neighbor gave me.

For Mother’s Day I wanted nothing more than to wander down every aisle of the Lowe’s garden center buying anything that caught my eye. They had so many amazing things to choose from!

We ended up with a modest haul including a few bags of top soil to help cope with our sandy soil. Bulbs were on clearance for 1/2 off! So I kind of went a little overboard with dahlia bulbs, elephant ears, and ranunculus. If I can’t have a peony I’ll have the next best thing.

So for the plan part. We are thinking dark mulch instead of pinestraw. The number of effing spiders the size of my hand I found today was reason enough for us to go that route. I know I was trespassing on their turf but seriously, stop jumping out and scaring the literal piss out of me, ok? We have some landscaping edging on the way from Amazon. We will create definite borders between the lawn and the decorative parts. And the decorative parts will get better, surely???

So to all my landscape inclined friends, help. I don’t want it to look like a jank house. All I want for Mother’s Day is a pretty yard, or at least a yard that looks like a crazy plant lady lives there.

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Today is the first day of spring break. It started how all spring breaks should. I slept in until 7:30 and woke to Emilia plastered to my side and sun streaming through the windows. I fed the kids breakfast and have since locked myself in Emilia’s room to begin the mini renovation. Her room is SO cute right now. BUT it has carpet (that I have Always hated), and the walls are boring builder beige in a flat finish. Basically the worst when it comes to a room for children. Barry gave me a $100 budget and I signed a blood oath stating that he wouldn’t have to do anything but heavy lifting.

So, you can see it’s not a lot of $$ needed to make it cute. I have my dream flush mount already. Her bed is so cute (Amazon for so cheap) and bedding is fine. I have so many cute decor pieces that I’m really hoping that this $100 budget is possible! My plans include an ombré wall, and ripping out the carpet, painting subfloor (and walls) white to prepare for the plank flooring. Here is my mood board for her room.

It’s prettttty dope. I might actually get her to sleep in here. Ahhhh who am I kidding…she’ll be sleeping in my bed til college 😂😂

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Let’s Talk About Sheets, Baby

So nothing has been decided about New Orleans. As far as when/who/what is going to take care of me. It’s too much for me to think about right this second. Too much means I focus on things that matter but kinda not really.

Alright, in this case, they only matter to me, and Barry. And Emilia. SHEETS.
I’ve never really cared about sheets and always just bought whatever caught my eye at Target. In winter we switched to flannel and summer was whatever. I’m not a sheet snob. Or maybe I am? Because all of the sudden I care. Maybe it’s the move to Florida and our very lack of winter but flannel sheets are a no go. Some of the sheets I was fine with before make me sweat. Maybe I’m just getting older and starting to go through THE CHANGE. I mean that’s unlikely at 34 but I don’t know! Have I suddenly turned into the hottest sleeper? Is it the fact that Emilia’s hot little sleepy body is almost always pressed up against me? We have the ceiling fan on, an EMPTY duvet cover, and I’m still hot!

I went to Target searching for sheets that would match my new (empty) duvet and also not make me sweat. No. Luck! I mean there were some that looked cute and would have LOOKED ok with my duvet but they felt sticky almost. Not good when you’re trying not to sweat!

Then I started shopping on Amazon. I mean they have literally EVERYTHING on Amazon and added about 400 different options to my cart. Read about 19,000 reviews.

Have you ever had linen sheets? They’ve been my dream since last summer. I just felt like they’d be cool and breathable. They’re also SO expensive. I found some BEAUTIFUL linen sheets on Amazon. They’re just chilling in my cart waiting for me to get an extra $150.
Natural Linen

Mauve Linen (my fave!)

White Peach Skin (these seem great for hot sleepers!)

BAMBOO (I’ve often told customers at Gigi’s that I wanted bamboo sheets…hi kickee pants for my bed!)

Bamboo Blend I ended up with these because we NEEDED new sheets and that price was ridiculous!



It’s been a few nights of using them and I really like them. I am not 100% in love and want to marry them, but I haven’t been too sweaty! That being said, if they’re not the best option for sweatless sleep, I want to know what is!
Is it linen? Or 100% bamboo? Or something else entirely!

Help me friends! I want to sleeeeeep!

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Let’s Talk Plants

I have always had a black thumb. Always. I remember, as a child, helping my dad in the garden and being afraid I would kill everything. I was especially thankful for carrots because once you pick them you eat them and it’s over.

As an adult I carried that label with me. I never really tried to grow anything. I just knew it was going to die with me at the helm.

We moved to Florida and there are so many gorgeous plants here that aren’t everywhere else. I also started paying attention to home decor blogs and fell in love with the organic feel of houseplants. And then I became a crazy plant lady.

I’m not claiming to have never killed a plant in my life since then. Not. At. All. In fact right now I can see two deceased plants that need to be pulled ASAP. You see? Light matters.

My biggest plant victory has been the revival of a fiddle leaf fig that was knocking on plant death’s door. Seriously healthy and gorgeous when I dropped $30 on it at Home Depot. I brought it home and it promptly lost every single leaf but two. I was left with a stick in the dirt and another stick in the dirt with two scraggly leaves on it.

My neighbors, Kristen & Allen, have the most glorious fiddle leaf fig known to man. It grazes their 10′ ceiling and is so full and lush! I asked him for some tips on how to bring my baby back to life.

So if your Fiddle Leaf Fig is feeling a little sad I’ve got a list of things that helped bring mine back from the brink of death.

First order of business:


I buy my pots at a variety of places and lust over so many from Crate and Barrel Like this! Make sure the pot is bigger than the black plastic one your fiddle leaf fig came in. For drainage, if there’s no hole at the bottom of your pot, do about 2″ of a lava rock and gravel mixture. I use a good quality organic potting soil in my pots. And then switch the bad boy.



🐸Happy Frog 🐸 is what I use. It was a game changer. I cheered and almost cried when I noticed a baby leaf on my FLF. I feed them about every 2-3 months. I should be more rigid with it or at least know exactly when it happens but I suck.


FLF need light. Direct light. They need light like I need coffee. Or tacos. Or shoes. Indirect is not enough. I’ve dried. Mine now face the West. They get a lot of afternoon sun. They like to reach towards the sun. They’ve got high hopes, what can I say.



Obviously they need water. But not too much and not too often. I water them Sunday. Some of my other plants are needier and need to be watered more often.

They’re quick growing once they’re happy. I went from literally 2 leaves on the one from Home Depot to 14 in less than a year. Probably like 6 months. I bought a replacement for the two leafer and haven’t needed it. Because of my tips and tricks I’ve only lost a single leaf on that guy. And it’s because I smashed it with the shopping cart!

Turns out my thumb may not be so black. I’m excited about the prospect of plants everywhere in my house. I want to get some ivy. And spider plants and hanging planters. I want a jungalow.

Another helpful hint that you probably already know. Wipe the leaves! I wipe mine when I water. Just a wet towel or paper towel and wipe off the dust. That’s how they eat!

this is from today!

March 27

Even since November they’ve grown!

Do you have any plant tips I didn’t mention?

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Long time, no blog.

So. It came! It’s the most perfect metal bed a girl could ask for. The day it came I posted my current bed on Facebook and it sold SO FAST. I posted and then someone messaged asking to come get it within 5 minutes. Once we’d cleared the room of the old, bossy bed we opened the boxes for the new, glorious bed and, disaster. The side rails are bent in exactly the same spot. The box was perfect, no damage to the outside so it was damaged in production. I was so disappointed. So since the bed was delivered a month ago we’ve been sleeping on our mattress/box spring combo on the floor with the glorious headboard propped up behind the mattress.

The day we realized the problem was the Friday before Labor Day. After 5. She told me that because it was after 5 on a holiday weekend not to expect anything until Tuesday. Well, around Tuesday is when Hurricane Irma decided to wreak havoc on my state. Barry was sent to central Florida with the National Guard and I was solo parenting for 10 days. Needless to say resolution on the bed front was the least of my concerns.

Barry’s been home now for a week and a day and I finally had the mental clarity to call yesterday. An entire new bed is on the way because the manufacturer doesn’t ship side rails alone. It shipped today and will probably take another two weeks to get to me. When the new bed comes, I strip the side rails and then call Target to pick up the old bed. What a nightmare.

We have also purchased some items to transform the guest room into Emilia’s room and I’m so excited.

And the perfect rug I ordered back in AUGUST hasn’t shipped yet. Thanks a lot cb2. I’m feeling really disconnected from my master bedroom redecorating. I’m about ready to call it all quits.IMG_7137 2

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Is HE the problem?

Remember how I’ve been lusting over metal beds? Yeah, I know. I posted just yesterday about them. There is still a war waging between Piper and Mason with no clear winner.
Barry votes Mason. I…am undecided. Today I was making my bed, and saw the steer head sculpture that’s lived over our bed for two years now. He was originally silver but I lovingly painted him black. I loved him. He was so edgy for my kind of preppy bed. But now I’m wondering if he’s part of the problem. (The other problem being my bed is such a cool/neutral grey that it has a green tone when compared with my beautiful flooring.)

So, is it him? It’s totally him and not me, right? He’s cool but is it limiting my decorating style? Is he a little too country for my wanna be edgy room?IMG_5258

Can you tell the bed looks like it has a slightly green tone? Also, how gorgeous are these floors? Pergo Outlast in Hawaiian Curly Koa. ALL the heart eyes. All of them. I’m going to need a bigger rug to anchor the one that I’ve been hoarding for actual years! I found it on clearance at Target for $38 and knew it was meant to be in my bedroom when I replaced the floors.



Here is the rug and a picture of my mess haha! They were all playing ipods before we went to Zumba this morning. I’m thinking a solid black, maybe fluffy faux fur for texture? Thoughts? Y/N?IMG_5269

And my big 4th grader! I can’t believe he’s going into 4th grade and I also can’t believe he posed for me to take this picture! IMG_5263

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Help! My Bedroom Sucks

We have lived in this house for over two years now. In just 10 months it will have been the longest we’ve lived in one place, ever. (I mean since I was a child living in my parents’ home anyway.) Our record is three years and that was simply due to the fact that my husband was in a residency program. We are contractually obligated to stay in paradise for two more years but I’m hoping we extend that contract to forever. This house is perfect for our family, we have great friends and schools and it’s sunny so much. We live close enough to the beach that we don’t have to bring our entire beach bag every single time. It’s basically my dream.

There are things I LOVE about my home. I love the chalk board wall, the wallpaper on the stair wall, the vertical subway tile to name a few. We’ve replaced carpet on the stairs and now in our master bedroom. I LOVE the flooring we chose. There’s just one itsy bitsy small problem. When we replaced the flooring it unleashed this desire to completely redo everything about my room. Starting with the bed.

I love love loved the bed when we got it. It’s a West Elm knock off and was like 1/2 the price. I still love the bed but it’s just so…bossy. The grey is really grey. It makes it difficult to find bedding that goes with it. I have a duvet that I love but it is so hot most of the year that a duvet isn’t the best choice. I dream of a juicy linen blanket but it’s just not possible with my current bed situation. So, I’m shopping and pinteresting, oh how did I come upon this salmon recipe?, and instagramming. I think I’ve narrowed my choices down to two and I need your help.

First up is Piper . She’s unique, bold and classic all at the same time. It’s definitely neutral enough that I can be the boss of the bedding.

FullSizeRender 225

Next we have Mason. Definitely basic, definitely classic and definitely neutral enough for me to be the boss. It’s also significantly cheaper than Piper. FullSizeRender 226

I have a couple nightstands coming from Ikea so I’m not ordering TODAY but what do you think? Which strikes your fancy? Piper or Mason?