April Favorite Things

I realize it’s already a week into May, but I’m sorry HOW? That was so fast! I also realize that I should have finished and posted this giveaway at least a few days ago but, whoa. This week has been wild. So last month as I was picking up new things for me, I picked […]


Going Forward

I started this blog as a way to figure out my journey with BRCA1+ mutation. I didn’t know much about my reconstruction options. I knew that I would be having a surgery to remove my breast tissue, that I KNEW. Beyond that it was so confusing, and overwhelming. Now that I’m on the ‘flap side’ […]


Almost six months ago I had my mastectomy and DIEP flap reconstruction. Directly after surgery I felt invincible, strong. Like a badass warrior with a flat tummy. Our family celebrated being done with surgery with a cruise to the Bahamas. It was our kids’ main Christmas present. This meant the first time donning a swimsuit […]


You guys, phase 2 was already over a month ago. I am convinced that the past month went by faster than any other month in the history of months. Am I alone? How are we over 1/2 way done with January already? I have so many questions for you this morning. Did you make a […]