Movin’ On Up

Remember when I freaked everyone that reads my blog, literally all 10 of you, and in a very confusing way said I wanted my house to look nice but it sort of sounded like we were moving away?? Yeah me too, fun times. Well, we’re doing it, we are movin’ on up. Whenever Barry’s away I find myself doing some project. From painting the palm fronds on the stair wall when he was in Macedonia last May, to the more recent tile floor near debacle, to painting my room white years ago with my sister Connie drinking genius beers (guiness) and listening to 90s hip hop, I find I do my best work with a strict deadline and very little supervision.

It’s Annual Training time coming up again, and I have zero transformation projects on the horizon. I mean sure, I would love to get my closet figured out, because these temporary racks are definitely temporary, and would love to figure out a way to utilize the pantry space completely but they’re just not pressing issues at the moment. So I’ve come up with a new project that I can do, with a strict deadline, and little to no supervision. It’ll also fit in nicely with my work.

My dream bed, the day it arrived!

I got my dream bed about 6 months ago. (We are still waiting on the freaking center support beam from Anthropologie but that’s a whole other story I’m not ready to deal with yet.) I pretty much love everything about my room right now, except it feels a little cluttered. This time, while Barry’s gone for AT I’m going to pack up all the STUFF in my room, not furniture but books, knickknacks, throw everything away, donate a crap ton of random stuff, and start fresh! My friend Mariah just moved into a new house and I’m lo-key jealous of the fresh start and blank slate situation, however not at all motivated to buy a house in this insane market.

Just like when you move for real, I’m going to have a box for books, and not only that but donate or get rid of books that I will never read again, a box for decor. I’m planning on being ruthless with all of my nightstand drawers, and tackling that pile of receipts on Barry’s. It’s going to be glorious.

Does this seem completely off the wall? Or does it make sense? In my head it feels like a brilliant way to get rid of stuff in an organized and not konmari sort of way. Stay tuned for a little before/after of this movin’ on up process. Also, how many notebooks with one to five pages filled out does one person need. I’m totally asking for a friend.


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