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One of my goals in 2022 was to blog regularly, lol. Clearly, that’s a goal that’s not happened. In stead of giving some word vomit of reasons why I haven’t blogged yet in 2022 I’m just going to pretend like that never happened.

I’m in the middle of a few projects around my house. You know what Barry Palizzi LOVES more than anything in the world? When I start a new project before I finish an existing one. Seriously, y’all. It’s his favorite. Over spring break I did a little flooring project in the kids’/cats’ bathroom. I wanted it to be this big amazing before/after reveal however it definitely didn’t work out the way I expected or hoped. I mean I love the final project, and knew going in it was a temporary project not a forever kinda deal (eventually I want to retile their shower/tub (remove the fiberglass crap) and retile the floor to white penny tiles). When I tell you that I cried during this project I am being 100% transparent with you.

Picture it, Spring Break 2022. Barry & three of our kids left for North Port, Florida to visit his brother (shout out, hi Tony & Stacey) leaving Julian and me home. Julian’s working at publix now and I didn’t think it was appropriate to ask for a week off a week after starting a job? Anyway, that left the house blissfully quiet and the ability to complete a project, theoretically, possible. Except I also have a job and Spring Break is a super busy time for us at work as well!

Cue the Rustoleum Home Floor Coating Kit

rustoleum home floor coating kit
Rustoleum Home Floor Coating Kit

Y’all I watched video and video, read blog after blog on the amazingness of these products! I spent about $100 total on the things needed for this project. Side note, white needs two coats so I opted to purchase the gallon size instead of the smaller quarts, would definitely recommend that! I got the kit and had the nice gentleman at Home Depot tint it to their black color. They have a bunch of different color options but you know me and my black soul…black is the answer.


Each color coat needs SIX hours in between them. I started the first coat and it went on quick but looked so so so sus. I was seriously afraid I’d made a mistake.

After the first coat it did look a little better but still! It was so streaky. I set my timer for 6 hours and went and hung out with Julian until it was time to do the next coat.

At this point I could definitely see the potential for greatness. I was feeling SO SO SO confident. The cats were so pissed to be locked out. I was listening to an audiobook that I’d been anticipating for like 6 months. I was on top of the world. Then I worked for two days straight and suddenly it was time for Barry and the kids to come home. Pattern needed to happen RIGHT NOW.

The first tile block seriously made me CRY. There was so so so much wrong with it. I simply HATED it. I had a pity party for one, laid on my bed and sobbed. (It was drama, 0 stars, do not recommend.) Then pulled myself together to figure out a different plan. I remember seeing my friend Christina at Southern Mesa Trading’s bathroom, and just straight up copied her. I mean to be fair my tiles are much bigger and her design was much more precise.

Muuuuuch better. The scale was just more appropriate for the large tiles. More graphic punch. Basically just a much better and also hella easier choice.

So it’s been completed for a week and I really like it. My tips and tricks for this flooring project-

Give yourself time. 6 hours/color coat just to dry. 24 hours for the top coat. It is a lengthy process, though still quicker and less messy than a whole retile.
Pick a SIMPLE tile pattern or something graphic and cheatery like me.
Embrace the imperfection.

All in all, I am glad I did the floor. The Rustoleum Home Floor Coating kit was easy to use, but I wish I would have gone in with a simple pattern in mind to save myself the finish line mental breakdown but alas. I need to still replace the shower curtain in there and put in a new lightbulb and touch up the dover white in some places but with that, and only a month and a half too late, the bathroom mini redo is done. WHEW.

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