My Newborn is 9

Somebody hold me. Emilia is NINE whole years old and I am not ok. I swear just a few months ago I was waiting to find out if it was Sam or Scarlett (LOL) living in my belly. Spoiler alert, it was neither. But seriously can you imagine Emilia Eliza Jane as anyone other than Emilia Eliza Jane. When I think back to the fact that we were debating between Scarlett or Caroline up until the hour before she was placed on my belly baffles me.

Anyway, with Christmas sneaking up on us, I wanted to put together a little gift guide for a 9 year old or kids around E’s age and into things that EEJ is into. (PS this post will contain affiliate links which means I may make a percentage of the sale if you buy from said links)

I am not sure where she saw this first? Or where the idea came into her head but she is obsessed with creating pottery. She’s been wanting to go to a studio to throw clay, and that’s definitely on our list of activities to do during our fall. In the meantime, with some birthday money, she carefully selected this amazing thing.

Next up! Makeup brushes! I’m not one to share with my kids when it comes to my brushes and most of my makeup. They have a few palettes of mine that I’ve given them and that’s the only makeup of mine they’re allowed to touch. Mostly they follow the rules but many lipsticks have been ruined due to their over zealous capping. Anyway, I wanted to get Emilia a set of brushes that were hers and hers alone but also decent. The price was amazing! And she is very happy with her set.

Emilia has been a dinosaur fan for as long as I can remember. When thinking about her birthday party this year, she decided she wanted a “NINEosaur” theme. I thought it was a pretty clever idea, and definitely decided to run with it. Of course, of course, of course, she wanted a piƱata. This one at Walmart was PERFECT and bro rode shotgun with me when I picked her up from school today.

Ok, just to be transparent, Emilia wasn’t that stoked to get this as a gift. It’s so cute and so comfy though. Now that we are starting to cool down, maybe? here in Florida, she needed a cozy jacket. She’s always stealing my teddy coats so I thought she would love having one of her own. This one is SUCH a great price, thick and cozy, and so cute.

And last but not least in her gifts is this AMAZING Vanellope Von Sweets loungefly bag. She has used her Nightmare Before Christmas bag every dance day since she got it. I wanted another option for her and seriously how cute is Vanellope. The cutest. E went through a really lengthy Wreck it Ralph phase and to be honest I miss the brut just a bit! I love the loungefly bags. They’re great quality and so cute.

Next up on the birthday agenda is OWEN who’s turning 11. His list will be a little less comprehensive because he’s joining the cell phone life. I hope you enjoy this gift guide for a 9 year old, and if you’ve gifted anything AMAZING lately, let me know!! As you know, Christmas is coming.

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