not planning to fail or something like that

How does that old quote go? If you fail to plan you plan to fail? Not me! Not this week. I have made a plan and I am definitely not planning to fail.

Today I took 15 minutes while waiting for Owen’s dance class to start and planned my entire workouts for the whole week. I took a few live classes (on demand later that same day) and picked some from the vast library available on the peloton app. I have a variety of lengths in classes on the bike, not so much variety in the type of music. What can I say? Biggie Smalls just hypes me up, ok? I also have a plan to do a 10 minute arms class every day along with a 10 minute core class.

I don’t want to spend too much time talking about how grateful for my peloton I am, but seriously. It’s been such a life changer for me. From the variety of classes (seriously anything from barre, yoga, running, strength, dance cardio and so much more) to the incredible instructors to the flat out COMMUNITY that Peloton has created, y’all it’s magic. I’m not going to lie. When we ordered our bike almost two years ago, I had never ever taken a spin class. I was afraid of running (still am if we are being completely honest) and a little over a year post mastectomy and reconstruction. I didn’t recognize any part of my body. What Peloton has given me has been seriously incredible.

With summer, and kids home all the time it was honestly so easy to get my workout in. We didn’t have bedtimes or places we had to be. The transition back to school has been rough for everyone from me to the dogs. (I secretly think the cats are loving having a quieter house but I might just be assuming because cats…) I have been struggling to find my footing and routine. I have been so far from consistent with my workouts and I’m definitely not feeing comfortable in my own skin. It’s not even about clothes or gaining weight. I sleep so much better when I work out. I feel like I am more conscious of my food when I work out (aka not eating entire tubs of sour pumpkins….). I feel like I have more patience and grace for myself and my kids. Basically working out makes me a better person.

I am super excited to complete this week and so excited to see how I perform on the bike with my varied classes. I know that there’s still a human aspect of the planning but I am really excited to have a plan. I’m not planning to fail.

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