Goal Setting-Progress>Perfection

Life is wild. Somehow I blinked and it’s mid April. Past mid-April even. I’m 4.5 months into the no buying shoes, purses or wallets goal. It’s going well, and I have a few on my list for when I can or am able to buy something new again. I’ve been able to use bags that I haven’t used in a while, a card case I’ve had since actual 2008. It’s definitely been a challenge. There are so many cute shoes out right now and season changes have me itching for something new. I am trying to remind myself that progress>perfection.

I’m starting a new 3 month challenge though. Just a mini challenge within a challenge or like expanding on the current challenge. I don’t know. #NoNewClothes

So for 90 days no new clothes. Pretty simple right?? I’ll wear the clothes I have. Try them in new ways. Then after the three months is over I will know what I do truly wear or don’t. (Seasonal clothes get put away. Shorts get tucked in a tote during winter and cozy sweaters get swapped for the shorts during spring and summer.)

I think I definitely have some things I can either donate or post to Posh just based on what I’ve worn or picked the first week of this challenge.

I’ll be posting more about it on my instagram with my normal #OOTD posts. It’ll be pretty fun, I think. Do you ever randomly start a goal or challenge within a challenge? I feel like it’s very much my personality to challenge myself as I focus on different aspects of my life. Every time I achieve a goal I’m one step closer to the person I want to be. Every step is a little reminder that progress>perfection.

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