Wishlist Wednesday: What I Wish I Was Ordering

It’s been a minute since I’ve done one of these but lawdamercy this no shoe buying thing has been tough. Mostly because Nike keeps coming out with new Blazers, Vans came out with a freaking horoscope line and Target’s studded slides are fire. I’m taking it as well as I can though, and creating wishlists everywhere.

I have been trying to shift my wanting to home things, you know, things I’m not self banned from buying. My bedroom is really coming together. I still haven’t picked a rug.

The vibe in my room, along with slight hoarder tendencies is very eclectic and boho. I have a lot of earthy colors, rattan, texture. I’m loving the juxtaposition of modern/classic. I am so torn between going extra wild with the rug and staying conservative so other pieces shine. If you were me would you go classic? Or bold?

Wishlist Wednesday Exhibit a.
What I wish I was buying right now.

So, it’s not a secret but Barry has been snoring SO much lately. So much that I can’t fall asleep, so much that if I wake up I’m donezo. I’ve taken to wearing these weird jelly earplugs that do a great job of blocking the snoring sounds but do a really weird thing with my hair getting stuck in them, and feel realllllll creepy. I read about these sleep pods in a facebook group I’m in and was sold. The only thing holding me pack is the hefty price tag. But it’s sleep which is a priceless and finite commodity. I’m worth it right??? RIGHT? The fact that they play white noise directly into my ear is so appealing. The snoring is even audible with two white noise machines on.

Wishilist Wednesday Exhibit b.
What I wish I was buying right now

I love a new pair of workout clothes. Whenever my CRZ yoga pants are clean they’re on my bod for the peloton ride. These are a fun color and pattern that I don’t have in my collection yet! I love them so much. The price is so fantastic as is the quality.

These are the top two on my list. I also am lusting over a swimsuit that is out of stock at H&M but best believe when it comes back in stock it’ll quickly go from wishlist to in my closet.

I mean, come on! How cute is she? I love the bright color and the coverage but still a little skin to show! It’s the perfect blend, in my opinion. I love that I could throw over a little skirt cover up and wear this into a restaurant, if we did that. She seems pretty versatile to me.

I’m trying to be focused and diligent with my spending and wardrobe. Adding pieces that make sense and will fill more than one position, you know. Well rounded applications need only apply.

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