What Dreams Are Made Of

Last week, after a successful thrifting adventure, I decided to start something. Not a fight, not a new concept but something that is fulfilling a dream of mine. I’ve always wanted to be successful and success has so many definitions. I know by some definitions I’m there. And yet by mine I’m falling woefully short. Abundance and manifesting is what dreams are made of.

I’ve tried a bunch of things. I’m a jack of all trades and a master of exactly none. I’ve been working on affirmations and manifesting the life I want to live. It’s hard though. It’s scary. When things start going the way they’re supposed to, the way I’m literally asking for, I get scared and self sabotage.

Writing my affirmations down weekly helps me refocus my attention. For me, being attentive and having my goals and affirmations in sight helps me stay on track. Do you write your affirmations daily? Do you struggle with coming up with affirmations? Manifesting is definitely a new concept to me, especially. The idea that I am responsible for the good and bad. The idea that my vibrations are drawing things to me even when I don’t realize is so foreign that when I start to spiral I have to snap out of it. Negative vibrations aren’t necessarily harder to snap out of, but once you’re in that negative mindset, I feel like it’s harder to get out of it.

So what does all of this mean? If you’re asking yourself what exactly is the point of these nearly incoherent ramblings, I’m with you. I’m a sharer, and sharers sometimes just explode words all over. This is one of those times. I’m contemplating a bunch of things that have been on the burner simmering. I have a book I’m considering self publishing. I’m working on acquiring vintage pieces to resell. We are working on cleaning and deep cleaning, purging the whole house. Nearly six years of accumulation. Trying to get the back yard all done, contemplating a new trampoline, and a fence. Our hot tub that we ordered back in JULY was delivered yesterday. Things are coming together and I just need to take a minute and get comfortable with my own version of success.

I’m working on manifesting my own definition of success. It’s important to realize that my life is what dreams are made of.

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