Adventures of a Goal-Digger

Goals are funny. They can be motivating one minute and then completely discouraging in the next breath. Last month I posted my goals publicly for all to see on my Instagram and it’s a new month so it’s time to reflect.

I achieved some of these goals but reflecting on the month and the setbacks, some physical, some mental, some bullshit excuses, it made me a little bit disappointed that I didn’t achieve them all. While nursing the disappointment I still managed to recognize some sort of success.

New months are blank slates. As Elsa says, “The past is in the past.” Looking forward is better and more productive than looking back or thinking about what ifs. So, pulling my big girl panties up, I planned my goals aggressively this month. Narrowed my field.

It’s birthday season again for us. Gabriel just turned 13, and julian turns 15 this month. Insane. We have spring break coming up, and I want to make memories, the forever kind, this spring break. We are planning on heading to a gemstone mine one day. It seems pretty safe socially. I have four kids that love crystals as much as I do so I am very excited to share this with them.

My annual goal of 3600 miles requires me to ride at least 300 miles a month. With February coming in short, March is going to need to pick up the slack a bit. I’ve completed the first day of Selena’s 🍑 program and my legs are definitely feeling it today but I’m just going to get stronger.

I have made a conscious decision to buy books by women of color this year. Putting my money where my mouth is. Currently reading Alicia Keys’ book.

It’s hard to balance the feeling of setting lofty goals and then not exactly meeting those goals. I’m trying to be realistic and challenge myself and not feel too discouraged if I fall a little short. Especially if I gave it my best. For me, I know I need to be revisiting frequently.

Are you a goal planner? How do you deal when you don’t quite hit your target?


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