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The entire nearly 17 years that Barry and I have been married has been one adventure after another. I married an undergraduate student. He skipped class one Friday to get hitched and was back in class the following Monday. Since then we have lived in at least 7 different places in four states. Shortly after Gabriel was born we started the trek east for medical school. As such, we’ve landed in the most beautiful and idyllic place I’ve ever lived. We have a beautiful home, amazing (wild) children, and a great life. There’s something I just can’t shake. RSL: Restless Life Syndrome.

Six years doesn’t seem like a ton of time to have spent in one place. I have friends that have lived in the same area for their entire lives. My entire adult life has been somewhat nomadic. It feels weird, in a way, to have been so sedimentary for six years. Sure, 2020 has made us extra concrete with the whole global pandemic thing. But this RLS: Restless Life Syndrome has existed since long before the first case of Covid-19 was reported.

Since I have no intention of leaving my paradise, unless of course it’s to a house on the Bay, I’m doing what any other RLS sufferer would do. Redecorating. I said before that Julian’s man cave sort of sparked it. And my Restless Life Syndrome is just fanning the flame.

Last week I completely rearranged the bunk room. We will be replacing flooring in the next couple of weeks and then I’ll do a full reveal. Stay tuned. I pretty much finished the kids’ bathroom, though I still desperately want to paint the tile floor and buy a couple of the happy face bath mats. I have some hand towels en route from Amazon.

Do any of you suffer with RLS: Restless Life Syndrome? Are projects a healthy way of dealing with them? Is there a better way?? I honestly don’t know. I’m so happy in my life and grateful for everything that I have. I just can’t help this feeling of restlessness. Am I alone?

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