Time out! it’s already late February?

They say that time is constant. Every minute lasts for precisely 60 seconds. Every hour is 60 minutes and every day is 24 hours. However it seems like some days go by in the blink of an eye and others take approximately 60 days to pass. It’s really hard to believe that it’s already late February. I’m planning my second’s son’s 13th birthday which in and of itself seems impossible. How is Gabriel about to be 13? Is that true? Has it really been 13 years since that cherub like baby was set upon my chest?

I’m definitely far from an expert on parenting. Every day I fail and every day I ask for grace and forgiveness. Raising Gabriel provides daily opportunities to ask for and also extend grace. He is definitely one of the sweeting and most caring children I have ever met. He’s also the most scattered and forgetful. I can ask him to do three things and none of them will be completed upon inspection. It’s proving challenging to cope as he gets older and school and assignments get harder. I feel like I’m constantly battling him to complete assignments, or even worse turn in his completed assignments.

Motherhood is definitely a journey. When Gabriel was born almost 13 years ago, into a family that in the darkness, grieving the loss of a friend/sister/aunt he was a beacon of light. Even still his freckle faced smile can turn a bad day upside down.

The future is bright for this one. I’m not exactly sure, nor is he, what path hey’ll be on but I know that if he puts his mind to it, he will succeed. Keep smiling Gabe. Keep being kind and gentle. I have no doubt that this journey called motherhood will continually humble me and require grace and forgiveness. I hope that in my efforts my children and husband continually extend that grace and love. They say that time is constant, but I’m not quite sure I believe that.


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