The One Where Quitting Is The Only Option

Have you ever been a part of something great? Something that fulfilled you in ways you didn’t know were empty? That’s how I felt about being a part of a moms blog community. I loved writing two blog posts a month, and seriously made so many amazing friends. Eventually, as one does, I changed. What I needed or had room for in my life changed. Instead of bringing me joy, I began to dread the commitment and finding subjects that were good but also not too personal to write about became increasingly difficult. As time went on it became increasingly clear that quitting is the only option. So I did.

Quitting is very rarely my instinct. Honestly there are definitely things I should have probably quit long ago, I’m looking at you, Coke Zero addiction and buying shoes…or maybe it’s the not buying shoes I should be quitting. (Still dreaming of those Nike Blazersssssss) I usually associate quitting in a negative light, like I’m incapable of finishing something. Turns out that sometimes quitting is the only option that keeps you going.

By relinquishing my commitment to the blog I’ve freed up my writing time to include writing for my own blog. Where I can get as personal as I want. I mean I’m pretty sure I have talked about my healing nipples and hairy big toe on this blog. How much more personal can we get?

Setting down this one plate, quitting isn’t so negative after all. It’s giving me back a little more time. A little more flexibility. A little more of me. While I am so incredibly grateful to have been a part of the moms blog team for over a year I am glad i recognize that it was time for me to head a different way. Turns out while quitting is the only option, it’s also the best option.

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