The One Where I Confuse Everyone

Last week I blogged about my bedroom and my desire to have it show ready.

Turns out, I wasn’t super clear. The number of messages and texts I received asking where I was moving to was unreal. I had no idea that many people even read my blog. Needless to say, I’m clearing the air, officially. The Palizzis are not moving. We are refinancing due to extra low rates. We had an appraisal and have to fix a few minor things before closing but the only workout my arm will be getting is from signing refi papers, not a whole new mortgage.

Y’all, I love my house. There are things I wish I could change, of course. (Peach builder grade wall color? I’m coming for you, one wall at a time!!.) And I love where we live. The only way I’m leaving is if I get to upgrade to see dolphins jumping in he bay every morning with my cup of coffee.

I’ve been working on getting my room ‘show ready’ for the past few weeks and it’s slowly coming together. I shared on instagram some of the pieces I’ve gathered for my room. I painted a few smaller canvases and a watercolor piece that I’m so excited about. I’m waiting on a side table and then it will be done, except for a rug. I have a few top contenders but Barry and I are at an impasse. (Really, he doesn’t care and I want him to like the rug, soooo)

Help me decide.

Yeah…I know they’re kind of all over the place. And if you don’t have a ruggable rug, I can’t say enough good about them. If you have pets that suck sometimes, kids that suck sometimes, or are in any way clumsy (like myself) they’re amazing. You can wash them, dry them, and then lay them back down again. I really think the round shape will be a great contrast to the edges in my room. From bed to the tray ceiling. It’s the variation I think I’m needing.

Sorry for any confusion last week. To sum it up, we’re not moving. I can’t decide on a rug and I desperately need your help.

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