10 day update

Hi guys. It’s been 10 days so far of the year 2021. There’s been a lot of chaos and unrest but I’ve remained steadfast in my goals. I’ve bought ZERO pairs of shoes this year. On top of the no new shoes coming in game, I’ve actually gotten rid of a few pairs of tieks on poshmark! I sold a few wallets, and listed some bags! Things are definitely going in the right direction for me. What’s been weird, even though my coworkers and friends have scoffed at my goal, I’ve not been tempted to really buy anything. I found a cardigan at Walmart (seriously so cute) and not only did I debate over purchasing, I promptly listed things on Poshmark to pay back the very modest cost. 

As far as the fitness goals go, I’m 8 miles shy of 100 miles for the first 10 days of the month and still have a 60 minute powerzone ride ahead of me for the day. Drill weekend has messed my usual routine up a little, and my children suddenly turning into night people? What even why? I’m a go to bed at 8:30 kinda mama, not 11 pm. I did a 10 minute core class to check off the at least one strength class part of my goal.

I’m starting to plan the landscaping for outside. I really need to get out there and get the beds weeded while it’s not the surface of the sun. I think I want a tropical oasis vibe with tons of greens and elephant ears and maybe banana trees. I will definitely need to figure out the irrigation system since ours has been messed up because those babes are thirsty. 

I started the purge yesterday. I started with my bathroom. Got rid of so many old, or not used, beauty products. It felt good. 

While there’s been a lot about 2021 that I am not stoked to remember I am proud of the things I have managed to accomplish in the 10 days since we’ve started. How are your goals coming guys?

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