Wishlist Wednesday: WALMART Edition

It’s no secret that I’m a big huge fan of thrifty clothes. I not only love to thrift clothes but I don’t love to spend a ton of money on clothes. (Shoes are a whole other story.) I’ve been pleasantly surprised with my Walmart finds lately. Fall in Florida is kind of a joke. We get a couple weeks of true sweater weather usually after Christmas but in the mornings we sometimes need an extra layer. Today’s Wishlist Wednesday: Walmart Edition is some fall fashions finds.

I am a big fan of the teddy coat. I love how squishy and cozy they are. There are a huge range of prices but most of them are out of my budget. Lucky, for example makes a really cute teddy jacket but it’s $142 on sale! Walmart saved the day and my budget by offering a really amazing, (seriously GOOD quality) teddy coat for a smidge under $40! I am seriously so impressed with the quality for the price. It’s definitely going to be worn on repeat this fall/winter! (I got a size L for reference so I could definitely wear sweaters under)

Another thing I love is a good puffer coat. I have been a fan of this trend for as long as I can remember, honestly. Do you remember the Old Navy down jackets that were always on sale every black Friday? There are definitely difference in quality, the fill for instance makes a big difference. Of course these differences in quality/density makes a difference in price and warmth. Here in the FL panhandle, I’m not needing super sub zero protection. Enter, Walmart again. So many cute prints, and the price is unbeatable. Under $25 for a cozy and cute puffer jacket?? Yes please. I debated between the blush, white and camo.

I opted for the camo for a couple of reasons, but my coffee and coke zero addiction and clumsiness was the biggest reason. I didn’t want white to turn brown with my frequent dribbles. (Ordered a size L for reference, I was between sizes and usually end up sizing up for comfort!)

In store, this shirt is sold separately, but online you get a 2 pack of graphics. I think it was $6 in store? Either way, I am OBSESSED. I usually get a men’s medium and cut the bottom so it rolls a little bit. This tee is amazing and I’m 99% sure Owen will steal it from me in the near future.

I know the weather here is kind of a joke when it comes to fall. How is the weather where you’re at? Is it snowing already? Or are the leaves just beginning to change? Let me know if you end up with any of these pieces! I can’t wait to see!

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