Sometimes To Do Lists are Only Suggestions

My super wise friend Naomi said, today, “Sometimes to do lists are only suggestions.” Today? Whew that to do list is nothing but scribbles on paper for the amount that I’ve accomplished. Instead I’ve spent the morning in doctor’s offices and in the car dropping kids off at their in person check in, and then have dance. The to do list hasn’t had one thing checked off of it and I guess that’s just ok?

Julian came downstairs on Sunday with a super low grade fever. I’m talking 100.2ยบ. He didn’t want any ibuprofen, just wanted me to know the thermometer said he had a fever. Of course with all of the covid-19 precautions and things I kept him home from school Monday, sent my littles in masks to homeschool group, and then Tuesday, out of an abundance of caution. This morning was to be his first day back in school. We were about to turn off of our road onto hwy 98 when I noticed a huge abscess on his arm! Back home we go, and to the pediatrician.

Of course, his health and safety is more important than anything on my to do list. It doesn’t change the way that I feel and how stressed it makes me knowing that an entire day of productivity was spent in the car. I’m so grateful that after an antibiotic and some ointment and soaking he will be fine. I’ve got all of his bedding in the washer on hot to hopefully kill whatever bacteria caused it.

It’s wild how when I woke up this morning I was ready to be productive and get ALL the things done with the help of coffee and here it is 1:16 and I haven’t even had a single cup. Somedays you knock them out completely and sometimes to do lists are only suggestions.

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