Wishlist Wednesday Disney Finds

This Wishlist Wednesday is a little different! I’m sharing my favorite current DISNEY finds. We were supposed to be on a Disney cruise next week. Five nights with my besties. Jackie & Geri were both on the ship with us, on the same floor. It was going to be perfect. We were going to run a Disney 5K on Castaway Cay and there was going to be a Halloween Party on the boat. It was a match made in vacation heaven. Our family has done one other cruise before but they say Disney tops everything else. And then….Covid happened. I fully realize that this is just a small blip on the radar of things that Covid-19 has ruined and this post has very little to do with Covid except that since our cruise was postponed for a full year, different itinerary and islands, we decided to book a little weekend getaway to Disney World. I’ve been gathering up some cuuuuute Disney finds to outfit my fam for the occasion. I’m what some people call a little extra. Without further ado- Wishlist Wednesday Disney Finds.

First up! I’ve got this super cute Disney ring-tee. It’s super vintage and Target had a similar one for girls so E and I will be matching. She still loves to match me so I will definitely take her up on any opportunity to do so. I’m also really excited about these spanx faux leather bike shorts. I have loved my faux leather leggings a lot and worn them countless times but Florida ‘fall’ makes faux leather leggings a little hard. (I’m planning a battle of the bike shorts a little later when the rest of my orders come but these are a top fave so far!)

A couple of Amazon finds are up next! I love a big bold belt buckle! (Seriously a belt is my weight loss goal reward and right now, this second, I’m leaning towards fendi? But I’m not 100% decided and still 12 lbs from my ideal goal!, so I have time to figure it out!) I love that this is like a gucci belt and bag but so perfectly Disney. The crossbody bag is such a great size. It’ll hold my phone, and wallet, and a couple important toiletries (plackers and deodorant). The gold D’s match and it just makes me so happy.

I’m waiting on a few more things to finish up our #ootd for Disney style. I’m excited to celebrate Barry’s birthday, our 16th wedding anniversary, Emilia’s 8th birthday, Owen’s 10th birthday, and my **gasp** 37th birthday on this trip! Going a little extra and going all out! Wishlist Wednesday Disney Finds might be my favorite Wishlist Wednesday of all time. Disney is just the best.

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