My Dogs Aren’t Barking Anymore

With my retail job, I spend an average of 8 hours, basically non stop, on my feet. It’s also zero secret that I have a love for shoes, like seriously. This love for cute, but not necessarily comfortable, shoes and my work life don’t necessarily make a great match. That said, I partnered with Dr. Scholl’s to try their new-and improved Stylish Step line and they’re a match made in heaven. My dogs aren’t barking anymore.

Dr. Scholl’s sent me a variety of inserts to choose from and make my feet happy feet. The ones for high heels are incredible and take my cute but not all day cute heeled boots from ouchie to wow! I am so impressed with the cushion at the ball of my foot, and now these shoes are extra wearable for me.

Flats are generally a great option for work, but the thing with a flat is that it’s well…flat. No arch support. Oh, hiiiii Dr. Scholl’s for flat shoes. Thanks for saving the day yet again. Now I can go from morning to night and still have my feet feeling as fresh as hour one. These are a game changer for me.

I’m not a morning person, which I’m pretty sure is common knowledge these days. I’m not the type to wake up early to work out which leaves after work to get my fitness in. I’m committed to my peloton and getting my rides in. Cycling shoes aren’t typically very cushiony or supportive. The sole is stiff and unyielding for when you’re climbing out of the saddle. These inserts for athletic shoes make it so much better! Just that extra cloud makes all the difference in the world. Supportive without taking away the necessary stability.

Working retail definitely has its perks, but being on your feet for eight straight hours definitely has its drawbacks. I’m so grateful for these game changers gifted to me by Dr. Scholl’s and I can’t wait to continue working and fitting in my fitness with the added comfort of these inserts. Thanks to Dr. Scholl’s, my dogs aren’t barking anymore. Visit to learn more.


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