I’m Trying to be a Goal Digger

Last month, based on the encouragement of some of my favorite #BooCrew members, I made a monthly fitness goal list. Like other goal setting sessions of the past, I struggled with finding a suitable ‘reward’ for reaching and achieving my goals. I wish I was the type of person that was satisfied with the knowledge that I achieved my goals, put in the work and saw the results…but I’m not. I set a concrete goal for when I hit 200 rides, new cycling shoes. I ordered them yesterday despite hitting my 200 a couple of weeks ago. I’m trying to be a goal digger.

August Goals

It’s not a surprise that all of my fitness goals somehow involve the peloton. I am obsessed with my bike and so so so grateful to have had it during this quarantine. I jokingly said I was working on my prison bod during quarantine but it’s kinda true. I’m definitely not exactly where I want to be but I’m getting there!

In July I rode 268.5 miles. My goal for July was 220! Nailed it. I set this month’s goal for a little higher but not outrageously so. It’ll still be a stretch.

I set a goal to ride a total of 260 rides for the month. I’m at 208 now so I definitely think it’s an achievable goal.

I want to complete the 4 week crush your core program. I did week 1 last month. Note to self, just finish it.

Tudne’s arms are serious goals, so I’m going to do her 10 minute arm class 4 times a week and maybe some day my arms will look a little like hers.

Drinking 100 oz of water a day is seriously the most challenging of my goals. I suck at drinking water. This is a conscious choice for me.

Annnnnd finally I want to finish Julian’s room. I have a lot of stuff in the works for this one. His bed will be delivered on the 14th! I have a couple weeks to get it all put together. I need to run to the paint store and pick up his paint choice, one that we agreed on, praise Beysus and get some plywood to start ripping planks for his floor. Major DIY happening in his room and I am here for it!

Last month I finished all but two of my goals, and this month is going to be even more successful! Do you set monthly goals? What should be my reward for achieving my goals?? I’m trying to be a goal digger!

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