Easy Like Sunday Morning

This morning I woke up with the sun streaming through my windows and a tiny newborn baby (Emilia) curled up next to me. The smell of coffee likely woke me from my slumber and for the first time in a while I woke up and didn’t feel like I had not slept at all. I still had my bout of wakefullness, this time due to the pack of coyotes that live in the woods behind me and my crazy puppy, Kip. Even still, today is going to be a good day.

Like I’ve told you previously, every summer we do a Summer Bucket List. Dying our hair is usually on there. Last year, Owen and Emilia went pink (it barely showed up) and Owen went teal, his then favorite color, and I went from platinum to something more my natural.

Today, I’m taking Owen to get his hair dyed by my hair witch, Kassy! She had an open call for a men’s cut with color, and I’m probably biased when I say that Owen has some good hair. He’s not quite a man yet but he’s got the hair of one! He’s really excited and we will be able to hit another thing on our Bucket List.

Yesterday we checked Shell Island off of our bucket list. We rented a pontoon with Barry’s brother, and our family friends. It made me realize a couple of things. 1. I never want to own a boat. It’s so stressful and 2. Barry is great at a log of things but captaining a boat is not necessarily his strength.

Barry and his brother are going to take the other three to Morrison Springs, which is seriously the most majestic place I’ve ever visited. He didn’t get to go with us last year to visit so I am excited for them to get the chance together! We are going to check off another two from the bucket list. Today is going to be a good day.

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