Back To School Shopping List

This year back to school looks a little different for half my babes. Owen and Emilia will be homeschooling, Gabriel is doing Seaside Innovative Academy and Julian will be in the traditional setting in HIGH SCHOOL. (Wait, huh????? My first born baby is a freshman in high school? Hold me!) Before you come at me, know that these decisions were not made hastily, nor without serious consideration. Our back to school shopping list looks a little different this year.

Everything I’ve read has said not to buy too many supplies until the week before school. Even though our Governor has demanded that kids are back to school in person the Florida Teachers Union is suing the governor. They don’t want to go back while our state is basically the epicenter of the virus right now. Honestly? I don’t blame them one bit. High school, traditionally, doesn’t require the most supplies. I specifically remember being disappointed getting my Five-Star 5 subject note book, some bic crystal pens, and a binder for my freshman year. If Gabriel is at home the whole time? supplies are at a bare minimum. The homeschool tutor we are using asks for $25 in supply costs and she provides the rest. Done. Bam. Easy.

Now the fun part. SCHOOL CLOTHES. I remember before I started my freshman year in high school I spent hours perusing the JC Penney catalog circling and dog earring picking out my favorite pieces. I was basically a VSCO girl before they existed and shopped for No Fear tees out of the men’s section and stole my dad’s button fly levis. Julian, on the other hand, could not care less about school clothes. I’m over here trying to talk him into new backpacks, and shoes and he’s sitting over there saying what he has is fine.

Gabriel is a uniform kid. He’ll wear his uniform tee and probably basketball shorts because that’s who he is and how he rolls. He is participating in cross country again and will need to xc shoes. His feet have grown several sizes over the summer and he’s now a 10 in men’s. He needs some new shoes for sure.

Owen and Emilia…my little fashionistas. Y’all they need nothing! They both have some shoes they can run in, and some sandals. The times they’ll be at the tutor’s house it’s right down the road. They might not need to even change out of their pajamas. I mean, they probably, maybe will.

I’m super excited for the low-key start to the school year and to see how much they all grow and flourish during this school year. Our back to school shopping list is a little lean this year, but that’s ok. We will use what we have and grow.

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