2020 Summer Bucket List

The other day, at a mandatory Destin 30A Mom Blog meeting I was asked what my favorite family tradition is. It took a second to rifle through the traditions that make up our family tapestry and a few came to mind. I of course love our family birthday idea that occurs on October 22 of every year. That’s the day that Barry and I got married and the day our family began. I love our tradition of baking a birthday cake for Jesus. Seriously funfetti cake is the best and I will eat it at any given opportunity. The one that takes the cake for me, personally, is our annual summer bucket list. Here is our 2020 Summer Bucket List.

Here are some bucket lists from years past.

2018 Bucket List
2019 Bucket List

This year, with covid19 mucking up plans all over the place, we figured out some socially distant bucket list items. I’m not going to lie, there are a couple on here that make me nervous but the kids were more than insistent on adding them. They might just be the ones that don’t get crossed off come the time school starts!

2020 Bucket List

We used chalk markers that Chalkola sent to me! They are so vibrant and great! They came off easily too with a rag and squirt bottle. I’m so excited about them and how it turned out! This year’s list is definitely a little shorter than years’ past but I think it’s full of such great activities. I’m definitely looking forward to that completed deck and eventual hot tub! Can I get an amen?

Do you have a summer bucket list? What are some activities that you’re planning on doing this summer? Things are so weird and wild. I hope we are able to complete it all! Here’s to the 2020 Summer Bucket List.

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