How Much Does A New Wardrobe Cost?

Have you ever looked at your closet and just wanted to just completely start fresh? Get just the basics and build from there? My best friend Jackie asked me how much I thought it would cost to get a full new wardrobe. Basics, but good quality and enough to mix and match for at least a week. So, how much does a new wardrobe cost?

I started out writing down a list of pieces that I deemed essential basics
* Jeans- 3 pairs, true denim, light or white denim and black denim
* Leggings-2 pairs, black, duh
*Short Sleeve Tees-Black, White, Black/White Stripe, Leopard, Olive or Camo
*Long Sleeved Cardigan, mine would be black or ivory
*Button Up-I love a Madewell Central Top but I love this Walmart dupe even more! (THAT PRICE)
*Graphic Tees-3. I can’t quit a graphic tee. I know Jackie also has a penchant for graphics. Mickey Mouse is life.
*Pullover-I’d prefer a camel colored sweater in something super soft but that’s up to you.
*Shorts-2-3 pairs, at the very least denim cutoffs. I love these from H&M. The fit is great, they’re not too short and the price is dope!

Jackie lives in Iowa so I definitely have to consider her weather. It’s HOT during the summer and COLD in the winter. Instead of five short sleeved tees it might be a good idea to mix in some long sleeved tees but for now I’m going with just short to make it easier.

H&M Wide High Ankle Jean vs. Madewell Cali Demi Boot

Denim is tricky. If you go too cheap they get stretched out and don’t fit right. The right pair of jeans can make our break an outfit. I’ve been pretty loyal to Madewell’s 10″ high waisted jeans. I seriously wore them out in this black wash. I also love Madewell Cali bootcut crop. So cute with sandals and a tank in the summer or a sweater and boots in the winter! As I posted about in my Summer Capsule post, I needed some clothes that fit my body now. I got these jeans from H&M and they’re easily my favorites. I loved them so much I also ordered them in white! The price is so great and quality is awesome too! H&M saved my summer wardrobe. I’m eyeing some skinny jeans from H&M too. I’ve also been looking at these jeans from Everlane but their sizing makes me nervous and the return process doesn’t sound fun, honestly. (If you’ve got Everlane jeans let me know how they run please!)

To answer the question “How much does a new wardrobe cost?” I have to take a bunch of things into consideration. First, for denim I’m going with H&M. The quality is so great in comparison to the price. Three pairs of the styles I like would be around $100. For leggings, I would go with these from Amazon. They are so comfy and such a great price. Two pairs would be about $50. Two pairs of denim shorts $30. I’m a big fan of the Amazon basics tees. They’re two for $16, so 3 packs would be $48. The button up top I deem an essential could range from $15 to $60. Graphic tees run from $20-$40. Pullover/Sweater I would go with this from H&M. It’ll go with everything. With these numbers in mind, it looks like a whole new wardrobe would be about $400. How much do you think a new wardrobe would cost?

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