Whatta Man-Father’s Day Gift Guide Part 1

Is anyone else completely hungover from all that was the holiday weekend? I am so tired this Tuesday-that-feels-like-a-Monday that I need an IV for coffee. Last night, coyotes were in the woods behind our house. That part isn’t remarkable or unusual in anyway, but the fact that Kipling, our 5 month old puppy, barked and wouldn’t settle for four hours was. That’s neither here, nor there. We are here to talk about Father’s Day! And some gift ideas that I compiled this week. Whatta man-Father’s Day Gift Guide Part 1.

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We are currently in the process of designing and then hopefully building a deck, so for Barry I’m focusing on things he can either do outside, or will assist him in building said deck. The first idea I came up with is a smoker. We have a great BBQ grill but smoked meats are delicious. I’m not ready to commit to a green egg price tag, but would like something that could work. I’m eyeing this one on Wayfair because it’s got decent reviews and is a great price.

Again with the cooking and outdoors. (Side note, I don’t like the grill so during the summer, fall and even parts of winter, I schedule a grill out dinner so that I get out of cooking, just a little idea.) Barry lived in Italy for two years serving as a missionary. One thing he’s always held a spot in his belly for, is wood fired pizza. So I’m seriously considering a portable pizza oven for Father’s Day. I will definitely reap the rewards and so will my babies. My coworker Kristen has one and was raving about it! This would be amazing on the back deck. I’m imagining all the margherita pizzas I can handle. (PS anyone have a tried and true pizza dough recipe?)

Another thing I’m considering is a table saw. Yes, they totally freak me out but I think it could be another tool for the ol’ arsenal. I also have some specific plans in mind for updating the house that would make a table saw super handy. I don’t know enough about table saws to appropriately pick one out, so of course, I’ll call my dad for recommendations.

These are just some of the things I’m considering for Barry for Father’s Day. I’m personally leaning towards the pizza oven for very selfish reasons! But we will see! Whatta Man-Father’s Day Gift Guide Part 1 is done. Do you have any ideas that I should consider??


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