Wishlist Wednesday-Summer Capsule Edition

I know I’ve talked about the fact that I’m a little (read a lot) heavier this summer than I was previously. I deemed 2020 the year of consistency, and my naiveté makes me laugh and laugh and then cry a little. It’s really hard to be consistent in the face of a national/worldwide pandemic. That’s not to say that my initial goal of consistency hasn’t been somewhat acheivable, I’ve definitely upped my workout game. I have not, however, lost more than 3 lbs since doing so. I’m blaming the stress hormone and this weird time in the world. All of that to say, none of my summer clothes fit. In Florida the summer comes early and stays late so I needed to do something about my wardrobe. Welcome to Wishlist Wednesday-Summer Capsule Edition.

First up, jeans. It’s kind of a bad word these days what with us being socially isolated and reliant on comfy pants. (Don’t worry, I definitely got some of those too!) However, I’m firmly in the camp that a good pair of jeans is a wardrobe essential. Initially I worried about the length on me. My legs are pretty long and I worried that they were either too short or too long but they fit so well everywhere else, and the price was so fab that the length just stopped being a concern. I am legit obsessed and have been complimented every time I’ve worn them. I actually loved them so so so much I ordered a second pair in white! Booya!

Next up is this linen tee. You. Guys. This tee is such great quality. The linen makes it super breathable and light weight. It feels like a tee that costs 2-3 times the humble H&M price. I want it in alllllll of the colors. It runs on the bigger side of things but I still went true to size. Seriously how many linen tees are too many??

Inspired by Erika Jayne and her love of a good t-shirt dress, I went out on a limb (for me) and ordered this cutie in white. #1 reason I don’t do white is named Emilia Eliza Jane. She’s a disaster with messy hands, even at the age of 7.5. The white just called to me and I’m so glad that I answered. This is cute with some runners or my black and white striped espadrilles. There are a lot of colors but the white is still my fave.

These sweatshorts are so amazing that I got them in black as pictured and a khaki color. They now have a melange grey that I’m crushing on. They’re so comfy! Buy all the colors, for real. I’ve worn them both with the linen tee, and the next MVP in my capsule lineup.

This is hands down my favorite color.I love it so much! This linen tank, like the linen tee above, is such great quality. You can dress it up or down, it’s so great! I love that most things are pretty versatile in this little capsule wardrobe.

And last but not least we’ve got this GREAT (affordable) denim short. Not tooooo short and great quality. They did run a little small but I love them.

While I still have every intention of continuing my Peloton riding, drinking water, and being consistent, it was important to me to have clothes that fit and didn’t make me feel uncomfortable in my own skin every time I got dressed. I didn’t want to spend a ton on this (hopefully) transitional summer wardrobe but I did want to feel cute. I hope you liked this edition of Wishlist Wednesday-Summer Capsule Edition.

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