Whatta Man What a Mighty Good Man

I hope and pray you now have that fabulous Salt ‘n Pepa song playing in your head. You’re welcome. Anyway, Father’s Day is quickly approaching and I’m feeling all kinds of blessed and swoony about my husband lately. Maybe it’s the fact that he was gone for four of our eight week quarantine, maybe it’s the fact that he looks pretty cute in his Army Uniform, or maybe it’s the fact that I appreciate his help, so so so so much. I’ll be the first to admit that I haven’t had the best track record with Father’s Days past, in fact we were gone to Washington and I think even moved to Florida first for a few of them. This year though, I’m going all out for my mans. Whatta man what a might good man he is.

There’s only one small, itty bitty, eensy weenie problem. I have no idea what to get him. Ya see, Barry Palizzi is the type of man to just buy whatever he likes and or needs. He loves technology, yes, and will spend his fun money on whatever gadget that catches his eye. He also humors my crazy DIY projects so much.

Here he is laying the ’tile’ for my Awkward Moms Club podcast studio.

For Mother’s Day he got the exact Mother’s Necklace I wanted. At the time we didn’t think he would be home for Mother’s Day so I kinda got spoiled but the Army changed their mind last minute. I know he would not appreciate a Father’s Necklace or any sort of jewelry, haha.

We are working on putting in a new deck to house a hot tub. I know after that he’s going to need the hot tub, haha! What do you get for a man that has everything? Or buys everything he wants?

I’m going to post a list of gift ideas for your spouse and also your own dad! Father’s Day is coming and it’s time for me to show up!

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