2020 consistency check in

I don’t do New Year’s Resolutions. Of course, I used to and then a week into the new year I would have a slip or maybe even a stumble and because I wasn’t perfect I would just quit. I stopped setting myself up for inevitable failure and started choosing a word for the year. This year I chose consistency as my word and we are a month and a half into the new year. So here is my 2020 consistency check in.

So far this year I have traveled to Dallas, Texas for children’s fall/winter 2020 market, Las Vegas, Nevada for women’s spring/summer and fall/winter. In 10 days I will board another plane for New York City and Toy Fair. Have I been perfect with my workouts? Nope! When we were traveling I had zero energy to schlep my tired body down to the hotel gym. I had grand ideas and plans to do so. In fact, my workout clothes haven’t left my suitcase. I’ve been scrounging around at home for clothes to wear because all of my favorites are packed! While I haven’t kept up with my exercise while away, I’m doing a damned good job when I’m home! I can’t wait to jump on the peloton and get my sweat on.

I’m woefully behind on laundry again. When I’m gone, clothes still get washed and dried. Not put away like I had envisioned. It’s fine. I will get back on top of it, even if it means a little monetary incentive for the big boys to help.

I have been better about water! My primo water dispenser is certainly helping along with my reusable water bottles! (save the sea turtles!) I still drink coke zero, a lot.

I didn’t make my jumpstart goal! But senior stylist is still on the horizon. On Wednesdays We Wear Pink! (Special pricing on all pink strips, send me an email for details)

I took A LOT of clothes to Haven House and have more to go! Once I’m home for a consistent amount of time I’ll be sure to get my closet handled.

2020 is still basically a brand new year. There is still so much to accomplish and achieve this year! I’m excited at the prospects ahead. While I haven’t been perfect in all of my goals for the year I feel like I have made a good dent. 2020 consistency check in has me feeling pretty good.

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