won’t you be my galentine?

I don’t know about you but I couldn’t do this life without my girls. I’m currently out of town for work and know that my babes are perfectly contained at home thanks to my husband who only gets a little annoyed when my buying trips are back to back, my amazing baby sitter that loves my babes like they’re her own, and my friends that are shuttling them from school to home and then back. Every year I do a party to celebrate those friendships. Valentine’s Day has a bad rep as a Hallmark Holiday, but I choose to see the positive. Let’s celebrate love! Let’s proclaim our love and support out loud! Won’t you be my galentine?

Last year I had a Golden Girl’s theme for Galentine’s Day. I wore a floral muumuu, and had hibiscus flowers everywhere for decor. This year I went a little more traditional with my theme, #gals.

won't you be my galentine? #Gals wall decor

Julian drew on my chalkboard. It turned out so cute and classic.

Brie is my love language (nearly equally split between brie and tacos) so any party that happens I make a baked brie. This year, Presidents Brie came in a heart shape which made life a hundred times easier for me.

baked brie…heart shaped. i love love.

About 20 of my gals came to the party to celebrate friendship and galentine’s day. It was such a fun time and Emilia did makeovers on everyone. She imparted wisdom far greater than her 7 years of age with sayings like, “It’s not the best circle but it’s way better than not having one.” She initiated the karaoke singoff that occurred. It was pretty epic. Also, she stayed up LATE!

It was such a great night, and one that I look forward to every year. In fact I’m already getting ideas of ways to improve it for next year. Won’t you be my galentine?

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