Creative writing throw back. I am.

Remember in creative writing when you had to write acrostic poems? You’d spell your name and then a word or phrase that describes you? The I am 26 project reminds me a little of that but elevated. Here’s my creative writing throw back. I am.

I am Authentic.

I am Brave.

I am Consistent.

I am Dedicated.

I am Evolving.

I am Fortunate.

I am Generous.

I am Healthy.

I am Instinctual.

I am Joy.

I am Kind.

I am Loyal.

I am Motherhood.

I am Necessary.

I am Optimistic.

I am Persuasive.

I am Quiet.

I am Radiant.

I am Smart.

I am Trustworthy.

I am Unforgiving.

I am Valiant.

I am Worthy.

I am eXtra.

I am Yielding.

I am Zeal.

High school was a long time ago but this was a great way to remember that I am worthy and I am a lot of good things. Sometimes the negatives are loud but this is a good reminder of the positives as well. My creative writing throw back. I am good.


  1. Evolving! I love this! I didn’t even think of this but it definitely reminds me to remember that I am still growing and evolving and good things come to those who wait !

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