Itchin’ for a room redo…tis the season

We’ve been in our home for almost 5 years. When we purchased it, it was brand spanking new but at the time we bought it all finishes were picked and installed. That means we didn’t get to customize it at all. No big, they chose pretty neutral finishes, a weird seaglass kitchen backsplash, and a very peachy undertoned matte paint all over. The downstairs bathroom was one of the first to be painted. It’s small and can be finished in about a day. I’m over the color I chose initially and I don’t know about you but I’m itchin’ for a room redo…tis the season.

Choosing a paint color is always such an overwhelming task. You always sort of know what you’re picturing but then walking into Sherwin Williams and seeing the impressive display of rainbow colors always gets me off course.

different array of pink paint colors. itchin' for a room redo

You guys, the look on the paint man’s face when he asked what family color I was looking for, blues?? or maybe greens? PINK!

the winner. sherwin williams-charming pink.

Paint color selected and now onto the other good things! Faucet, light and towel racks.

I’ve got all of the pieces put together and now I just need to add some decorative flare. I want some emerald green hand towels, and I need to rearrange all of the stuff that lives on the shelves. Stay tuned for the final room reveal. Meanwhile, you can catch me soaking in the tub upstairs because these muscles are sore and I am so tired.

The sense of accomplishment I feel is unmatched. I detached that sink, removed the faucet and the stubborn drain ring that required said detachment. I installed the light. I painted the walls! I did it all. #GirlPower. I was itchin’ for a room redo…tis the season

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