Valentine’s Day-Amazon Find Round Up

Valentine’s Day is my favorite. I know I said the same about Halloween but really it’s a pretty equal tie between the two holidays for me. The things I love about Halloween are totally different from my reasons for loving Valentine’s Day. Valentine’s Day is everything pink, and red and love and light and fluffy. I am not the most romantic person, that’s just not my deal. I am a huge lover of all things love. I’ve put together a list of things that I’m getting to make our season of love the best. Valentine’s Day-Amazon Find Round Up!

***The following post includes affiliate links***

Heart Print Sweatshirt

Heart Shaped Earrings

Black Leggings

Valentine Sprinkles

Buffalo Plaid Pillow Covers

Neon Lip Light

By no means is this a comprehensive list of the amazing finds on Amazon. These are just the ones that I’m planning on getting to make this Valentine’s Day Season just a little bit more love-full. We will do pancakes or heart shaped waffles topped with whipped cream and the sprinkles. The pillows are a quick and easy way to dress your couch up for Valentine’s Day. The black leggings?? Well, they’re not JUST for Valentine’s Day. I will probably wear them every day. I have some of those leggings in a rose color and seriously wear them any time they’re clean! Super nice, soft and great quality. And I love a novelty earring so much! These are soooo cute and will give you that little pop of extra!

So give it to me straight-Are you a Valentine’s Day lover? Or no? What are your favorite ways to celebrate the day of love?

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