Does the early bird REALLY get the worm?

I’ve never been an early bird. Early morning seminary was a form of hell I’m sure. Being forced to wake up early after working until closing every day, gah. I was, by default, a night owl. I was able to get my work done, homework done, eat dinner and fall asleep at a somewhat reasonable hour. In my ideal world, I would sleep until I wake up naturally, somewhere between 7:30 and 8 am, and start the day! My friend Geri always talks about the magic of the morning and the beauty that surrounds. It leads me to one single question, does the early bird REALLY get the worm?

First of all, is a worm something I want to get? Not so much. I mean I get what the age old message is saying but really we should change this saying to something more appealing. If you said, the first mom awake gets to drink hot coffee in peace?? Now that could be something I strive for. As it stands now I’m not quite one or the other. I kind of love going to bed at 8:30 with my babes but the waking up to get ready for school, well, it’s for the birds.

I, myself, see the appeal of being a night owl ten fold over early bird status. The quiet in the middle of the night, and the moon. The ability to do things without interruptions is so appealing. I feel like my best ideas come in the middle of the night when I am supposed to be sleeping anyway. Back when my babies were much smaller I definitely trended towards nocturnal, naturally. They were waking up anyway so I might as well get some stuff done in between feedings and diaper changes.

Today, as our life and schedule demand, I am more of an early bird than night owl. Lovingly, I refer to myself as Granny P because I frequently go to bed at 8:30. As summer inches closer, and our schedule is less rigid I will fall back into my more nocturnal tendencies. Honestly there’s nothing wrong with either way, it’s just the way you are or aren’t wired. What do you think?? Does the early bird REALLY get the worm?


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