Our Holiday Recap-How Did We Get Here

What the what? It’s January. Like not just the first either. We had the besssssst Christmas break. I slept in until 7 almost every single day, hung out with my people, worked a little bit, snuggled the pups and dumpling, and watched the Mandalorian. Who else is obsessed with baby yoda?? Yeah, us too. Our holiday recap-how did we get here?

holidays at the beach are the best.
There’s nothing like a Christmas at the beach.

Our holiday season started with the nutcracker performance at 30a ballet. Owen and Emilia were able to perform as a polichinelle and angel respectively. They and rest of 30a ballet performed wonderfully and I have never been more proud. Grammy and Pop-Pop came to the beach and many adventures were had. Once Christmas break started it was full steam ahead. We missed our annual tradition of seeing the Christmas lights in DeFuniak Springs but we will make sure to go early next holiday season.

We also went up to Wakulla Springs! We saw baby alligators, and two manatees! It was so exciting. The weather was gorgeous but that made the manatee not as prevalent. STILL! Still! We saw two gigantic sea cows. I got a little anxious on the boat ride. The boat went right up into a den (do alligators have dens?) of a mama gator and her teeny tiny striped babies. She held her ground for a minute but then eventually relented and we got up close and personal with those baby alligators.

alligator swimming away from the boat.
I hear ya girl.

2020 is just barely a year old but I have a good feeling about this one. It’s not just the fresh planner talking, it’s the year of consistency. And while I’m feeling positive, I just want to share a few more goals that I’ve set for myself. 2020 miles in 2020. That’s approximately 5 miles/day. I’m including running/walking that I may have to do while I travel for work-Dallas-Vegas-New York!! But, not to toot my own horn, I am KILLING it. Laundry room is cleaned out-ish, like almost 100, and this year is just mine.

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