When I grow up…

Remember when you were little and the world was your oyster. There was no dream off limits. You want to be a unicorn? Sure girl, keep on. Pediatrician, duh, you’re totally smart enough. Teacher, of course! The world needs teachers. Me, I wanted to be a writer. I mean I specifically remember writing a short story in the third grade, shout out to Ms. Capponni for challenging my 3rd grade brain and inspiring me to try, about how the moon got up in the sky. I don’t remember many details about said story but it is a vivid memory. That and my 3rd grade science fair project that taught me all the phases of the moon. This science fair project used a small white ball, a flashlight and my hands to replicate the different stages. It’s come in handy when my kids try to quiz me on different moon phases.

Them-“What is that moon?”
Me- “Yo, that is OBVIOUSLY a waning gibbous.”
Them- “Hey Siri, what is the current moon?”
Robot Voice- “The current moon phase is waning gibbous.”
Me-Smug As Hell

ANYWAY, beyond a fascination with lunar activity, a love of writing was instilled in me at a very young age. You guys, I used to write fanfic before it was a thing. Yes, I might have starred opposite Jasper Jax but I mean someone had to. Plus, Brenda Barrett was my best friend.

My two best friends locally happened to leave at the same time. One moved away for ever and one is on a spectacular vacation. In their physical absence, I say physical because I’m a texter and they’re still getting and sending texts, I’ve come back to a dear friend who’s been dormant for some time: writing.

Before we moved to Florida, I had completed an entire novel. It’s a romance novel, yes a sorta sexy romance novel. I even went to a writers retreat and pitched my book to my dream publisher. You guys, she asked me to submit it. I did and then she asked me to revise and resubmit. I NEVER DID IT. It was just such a busy season in my life. I really appreciate and agree with the constructive criticism that the editor sent me. We just had to move from KC to FL. And then when we got here it was getting settled, finding my place, decorating my home, you know all the standard reasons for avoiding success. I highly doubt that my revise and resubmit offer is still valid but I might just see.

I might be almost 36 and I’m still not quite sure who/what I want to be when I grow up. I think, though, I might want to be a buyer and a writer. I mean who says I can’t be both? What did you want to be when you were little?

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