I’m trying to be more mindful, more intentional with my time. I say try because I’m definitely, 100% a work in process. Ask me why I spent a few hours watching Married to Medicine on Bravo?? It’s one thing to do that while folding laundry or straightening and not paying complete attention. This was not the case, ha.
I’m planning out my blog posts and I am wanting to know what you want to read. I have most of September mapped out, and it’s honestly surreal that it’s September already. Like how has it almost been a year since DD day? But that’s a whole other blog post, seriously, it’s coming on 9/11.
I’m a big believer in saving money when I can. Splurge/Scrimp is a serious discussion in my head. Do you want to see bargain vs. splurge posts? Do you even care about that? What about a journey into capsule wardrobing? Boring? OR totally on your radar. Renewable toilet paper subscriptions? Random hacks for cleaning, norwex? Recipes that taste good and are family approved. Seriously, these are the random things floating around in my head.
I want to be consistent in my posting and writing and reading. Just like working out, it is important to continually flex these writing muscles as well.
So tell me, peeps, friends, what do you want me to write about???


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