Happy 🖤 Day

Ever since Gabriel was a little guy, he’s gone to the cardiologist. I remember his fluffy curly hair, rounded belly and chubby legs lying there for the ekg and echo. He has a murmur and some form of aortic valve stenosis.

The first time we walked into that cardiologists office with two referrals (julian also had an innocent murmur and was discharged right after testing. I remember feeling almost guilty for bringing my chubby, healthy boys when the waiting room held kids with far more serious issues.

Like I said before, both boys had a referral. While julian was immediately discharged, Gabriel needed following. For a while it was every year. And then as he grew and his heart grew, it went to every two years. And then finally every three. Last summer was the third year and he was supposed to see his cardiologist. Or A cardiologist. Last summer, I hate to admit, I dropped the ball big time when it comes to this. It slipped my mind completely. So much so that when it was brought up at his 11 year old well child check up, I swore he’d gone to Pensacola a couple years ago.

This morning we finally had that follow up cardiologist appointment.

And honestly, we got the best news. He is discharged from cardiology. Completely. We never have to have another ekg or echo unless he starts showing symptoms. She said that his numbers improved so much from four years ago. They went from 15 to 6 and the stenosis wasn’t present. His heart is working as it should!

The appointment in Pensacola was for the littles who also had innocent murmurs and PFOs. My little heart babes.


  1. Ah yes im so glad your little boy finally is better, time sure does help amd change. Sending you all hugs !

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