We are steadily knocking things off of our bucket list. One MAJOR thing that’s been on our summer lists since we first moved to Florida 4 years ago is the Fourth of July parade. We are lucky enough to ride on the Gigi’s float and it’s just the most small town fun experience. I specifically remember seeing the parade our first 4th here and the kids saying that they wanted to be in the parade the next year. We met Geri around Memorial Day the following year, and were invited to play in the parade. Dream come true. This year was no different. Barry even drove his Jeep, Betty, in the parade as the first ever Stellar float! He’s got big plans to make his Jeep more America next year.

We basically had the best day. I will say, if you’re reading this and considering throwing water balloons at a float full of small children that are dancing, DO NOT DO IT. Also, if you’re considering throwing a water balloon at a grown ass woman in white short’s ass, you’re a dick. That was the only negative thing I can say about this parade. The kids were screaming and crying. It was not great.
We then got to hang out right at the beach for the Fourth. Our ‘hood gang got spots right on the beach and it was just the best. I didn’t take many pictures, but it was such a good chill day. We went back down to the beach for fireworks after dinner and got to see them in Seaside, PCB and Destin. We then had to walk back to our car which was parked in front of AJ’s and that was slightly nerve-wracking because of the mass exit on the beach. Next year we probably won’t go back to the beach for fireworks but would definitely do the day part again.

Tuesday morning, we spent the morning and afternoon at the new elementary school for a photo shoot that the littles were invited to. It’s going to be beautiful but that day marked exactly one month until meet the teacher in August. I’m not ok! How is summer almost over already. We have another set of visitors coming on the 28th and I am so excited for them. School starts on 8/12 here, when do you start??

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