Today, I went to the most glorious yoga class. It was hard. And hot. And I felt the weakness still somewhat present in my left hip. She said some things that made me grateful and aware of the potential still left in this year. She said that today is the first day of the last half of the year. Today I was successful at moving my body. At sweating (ok maybe profusely is more apt to describe that sweat). Now to keep up that forward progress.

My point is less painful and for that I am grateful. Wearing pants sucked for a while. I go to New Orleans next Monday. We will drive over pretty early in the morning and eat and then go to my appointment. I’m excited for beignets and Cajun Bloody marys. And cochon and tacos and beer (and yes we will probably eat at all of those places in the short time we are there). I feel areas of hardness that feel kind of like smallish rocks beneath the scar line. I feel more and more sure it’s scar tissue but I’m not sure how they can fix it.

It’s a little surreal that it’s 4th of July week. It seems less busy, or maybe I’m misremembering. I am so grateful to be here. I shared the story of how we ended up here in the emerald coast last night, and every time I do I am reminded at how little we had to do with it. How seamlessly our lives transitioned here. How things lined up perfectly for us to move here. I am forever grateful to my tribe. For helping us plant roots, make this area our home instead of just a place we live.

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