Growing up, I have the fondest memories of spending weeks with my aunt Jean in Moses Lake. That’s where all of my cousins live and there are a bunch of us that are the same age, or pretty close. We would spend days picking rocks, at the aquatic center, pretending to be way cooler than we really were. I’m so grateful that my parents were able to come here and visit and to bring my nephew, Preston. Moving far from family was a choice, a sacrifice. I don’t really REGRET it but I do miss family. I miss holidays, birthdays, random Tuesday night dinners. It’s been so nice to spend Father’s Day with the man that raised me. The one that came to all of my basketball games, helped me practice my layup, took care of my people while I had surgery. I haven’t spent Father’s Day with my dad in roughly 11 years so this was a special treat.

denim on denim yo

It’s been such an incredible week with our visitors. I’m so grateful for the memories made. For the fact that my parents took time out of their lives to come spend time in ours. I’m so glad that my kids will have these childhood memories of time with their grandparents and their cousin.

We have gone on a pontoon boat, spent time at the pool, ate really terrible tacos, ate really delicious tacos, had a seafood feast (lobster for my mama!), did a puzzle and grinded on some video games. The boys are so close in age it’s been fun to have another personality to bounce between my two.
What are some of your fondest childhood memories?

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